Beware no filter

I was reading on another brain annie site (i'm a trader) this woman had asked if any one else has lost their filter . I got so excited about her question . because My filter broke during the brain explosion. It seems that I just say whats on my mind then feel bad about it later . I have told off 3 family members (they had it coming)Stuff that I normally would have thought but not said just comes flying out of my big mouth . That and I get mad so easy . I just recently went to my husbands union carpenter holiday party and therr was this young guy that was very drunk well he was smoking and started buring his jacket so I politely told him so .he turned to me pointed his finger and gave me a big fat F.... YOu . I started blowing smoke out of everywhere i swear my tongue must have been bleeding from biting it so hard . Thank god my husband wasn't standing there at the moment . It turns out it was the big wigs son . so thank god I didn't tear him a new one . My husband is still new there so that wouldn't have been good . another hightlight of our big night out . On the way there i asked my husband if I was going to be the girl known forthe annie he says nono only a few know about it . so everything was going well . My husband who hasn't drank in awhile had quite a few beers . someone asked me if i would like a glass of wine I just said no thank you . well my husband says in his loud booming voice she can't drink because shes on blood thinners because she had a brain anuerysm. Thanks hun now I get to answer a ton of questions to a bunch of drunk strangers . good times . Back to the filter buisiness . For those of you with the same problem i think we should make some shirts that say either I apologize in adavance or Beware , no filter . or just kiss my ass . lol

my "give a fuck" broke w/the aneurysm and it's very liberating.

Hi Amanda...I still have my filter...but I must say since the annie....I tend to say what is on my mind...hmm???

I found your post a bit humorous...Thanks...a Bunch...!


it's good that your husband brought it up, actually. you never know how your experience can help others.

i was stopped by the po-po for speeding months ago. the cop accused me of doing drugs which took me aback because i am very anti-drug. i was offended and told him so. i just learned that my pupils were abnormally dilated due to the undiagnosed aneurysm so he was right to question me. i called the cheif and told him about it because knowledge is power. maybe next time the officer sees abnormally dilated pupils from someone who obviously doesn't use drugs, he'll be informed. i firmly believe we go through trials so that we may help others on their path.

it's a brilliant revelation to be because i've been a doormat for far too long.

Our filters are not broken ! they just have larger spaces for things to get thru now !!!!lol ,,, we should have t shirts made that read " don't worry , if I bite your head off , I'll spit it out later ,,

I have been told i not only about my filter but also "THE LOOK" lol,,,, family members tell me i give them a "LOOK" at times ,,, a two for one thing going here i guess ! ,,,,, my response is," ahhhh what kind of LOOK ????? they tell me the LOOK is an ,,," oh please" kind of LOOK ,,,a no emotion LOOK ( please note; no eye rolling occurs during the LOOK so I have been told, this would be mistaken for a seizure i am certain ! ) ... i have asked for a picture of this LOOK the next time someone gets one from me, because this is a new one to me !!!!! now the LOOKS i received were very interesting indeed ! lol

That has a been a big thing with me lately. I recently (over a month ago) went off anti-depressants, but when I see my primary soon, I may ask about going back on them. I haven't been back to work since the rupture / coil early October. I go back this Thursday. I am an art therapist working with difficult population. I hope I don't 'lose my filter' with the patients! Wearing a "Beware" shirt sounds good.


Thanks for sharing this story... it is quite uplifting in it's own right!!
That being said, I vote for the "KISS MY ASS" shirt LOL

Thanks for the giggles!


I just have to say this . I do this all the time .I just re read what I wrote and realized I didn' t hit my space bar hard enough a couple times (damn thing ) and put letters where they don't belong Such as in advance I gave it an extra a .lol . I need to start reading them first .

Sweet. :slight_smile:

No filter…But I am Italian & Irish, so I may have been manufactured without that option. Due to my aneurysm…I can’t remember!

What was the other site?

Actually there are 2 of them . both on facebook neith one as good as this , but still , you can chat with other survivors which seems to be pretty theraputic. brain anuerysm survivors and fight brain anuerysm. . I'd hate to see an irish italian without a filter . lol


Actually, I have found my filter is better! Because I am not quite sure what I might say, and that whatever I do say may be taken out of context or taken wrong, I tend to avoid and retire to my room. At least, that's what I did over the holidays when we had a houseful of company. I did have a cousin who sent me a food gift, which was very thoughtful, and I thought to myself, I must call/text/email and thank her. Then I put the food in the freezer and the box outside, and promptly forgot! When she called three days later asking if I got the package, I said, "Why yes, I texted and thanked you!" Apparently, I didn't (oopsie) and now she's not speaking to me. I apologized all over, when I just want to say, "EXCUSE ME? I HAD BRAIN SURGERY LESS THAN A MONTH AGO! AND YOU'RE BITCHIN AT ME FOR FORGETTING TO THANK YOU?" But, I did not.....I simply sent a thank you card. Sheesh, you would think some people would give you a break, wouldn't you? And....she's a nurse, a Psychiatric Nurse to boot! Of the one person I thought would get it, it was her...Oh, well....thank God my filter was working or the damage would too bad to repair the relationship.

Jim-that's too funny!

I just love it cause I am so all have had me laughing so hard today and my days are a bit tough latley so any extra prayers you may have would mean a lot rite now!

My father was the Irish climber, and my Mom was the Italian who kicked his ass up the mountain…And looked damn good doing it. :slight_smile: Being both…I used to say I was a great lover with a bad temper…Sometimes concurrently! Now I’m afraid I’ll pop another brain vein with that performance.

Psychiatric nurses are CRAZY…People like me make sure of it!

Darcy honey…Have I got some prayers for you! I know how hard it is. Try to keep that humor going. Takes the edge off the tears.


n? :slight_smile: