No more filter

After my SAH I have found that I say what I want when I want to whomever I want however I want and not give a damn. Is anyone else experiencing this??

Yes, I’ve had to explain many times to people that I don’t have the filter that normal people have between their brains and their mouths. Sometimes I let people know ahead of time, as a caution, other times I end up apologizing after the fact. I’m getting better at realizing it, but it can cause some interesting situations (sometimes, like Jim said, pretty funny, other times, not so much).

I also had this problem as I was recovering at home. Not so much with outsiders, but with my family… yep. I had a very SHORT fuse. It is getting better as it has been almost 5 months since my clipping of unruptured aneurysm. Beth

Hi Dulce,
Yes, I find myself having this problem also. Mostly with my husband and children, and sometimes with close friends. I do find myself making comments to strangers, mostly older people. I am really making an effort to catch myself, because I know I should. My husband is so understanding most of the time, but he does get frustrated with me when he hears me say something not nice. He tells me that he knows that is not who I am and it is true. I have had to apologize to Jim (my husband) many times for things I have said to him that just came out and that I didn’t mean. Good luck with your recovery and don’t be too hard on yourself. That is the best advice anyone ever gave me. Sharon

Thanks guys. Screw You!! Just kidding :slight_smile:
Gotta keep a sense of humor right??
I will try and be more “aware”…

I have more of a filter now than I did four years ago but I also noticed that there are triggers that cause that filter to shut off regardless, so I work to avoid those triggers but its not easy. For example, being fatigued and hungry = short fuse. I’m emotion on steriods then, so watch out. So now I just tell people (i.e., my family) if you want me to be civil I need sleep and/or food.

Same for me. I’ve always been a beast if I don’t eat when hungry, now it’s 20 fold!

my wife has this also, but with some filter left. However, I always try to monitor her talking when around people other than family. But it comes out so quick I;m usually too slow to catch her. What happens with her is when a thought comes in her mind it will instantly slide out her lips. Not usually profane, but inappropriate none the less. I have to continually remind myself it is not her fault. She is aware of it and I can tell she really tries, but of course if the brakes aren’t working right, it’s gonna come out! Have to admit I do get a lot of humor from it. She is 2 yrs out, 60 yrs old. Good luck and tell ur husband he and you are not alone.

my wife used to be all nice and liked everyone,now she’s all sour and doesnt like anyone.So you’re not alone

ok, probably going to sound stupid but I don’t care…What does SAH mean?

sub-arachnoid hemorage(spelling)

Thank you very Much Bill…:slight_smile: