Request for your prayers, please

Today I have to see my surgeon to discuss what he is to do with my second aneurysm, my thoughts have always been to have surgery to finish this journey, the last time I saw my surgeon he told me he was happy to coil this aneurysm but that he would need to make sure that the one he'd done before was holding up okay first and that I would need to have an MRI first which from his letter all sounded good, but TODAY is the day he will make his final decision, so I ask for your prayers that what ever decision that is will be the right one for me, many thanks to you all and I hope you all have an amazing day xxxxx

Many thanks everyone for your prayers, they have been answered, my surgeon says he will operate in the early part of 2012, I have to have MRI in February and hopefully coiling (maybe stenting) in March, I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and I thank God that I found this site and that we are here for each other, supporting each other every step of the way, my thoughts are with you all my new found friends as Colleen would say, cyber hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxxx

praying that it works out the way you wish and is best for you! D

Many prayers for your right information, recommendations for your decision...


You got them Gil...

keep us posted...Prayers and thoughts your way...Colleen

i'm sure his decision is in your best interest.

prayers going up for you sweety that all goes sounds like it already is there...God bless

Dear Michele,My thoughts and prayers are with you today.So many people on here helped me through my journey and I will always be gratefull for thier help,Hope al goes well for you.Doreen

We are all praying for you and whatever u decide shid hopefully work out and keep woll get through it!

You are on the list Gill! :wink: many prayers!