Prayers Please- update

Thanks to all who prayed. I felt them. Aneurysm is still 5mm. Which is good, but then I had to deside what to do. After listen to the doctor I have desided to watch and wait, again. Will be tested again in a year.

My new prayer request is that I will forget about the aneurysm so I can get on with my life. Eaiser said than done.

Thanks again,



So happy to hear that the annie isn't growing!! New prayer line "We pray that Deanna will move forward and get on with life, and the annie will stay stable". It will work!! :) Hugs too!


Okay! New prayers it is… May your days be filled with such joys that you are able to forget the aneurysm and live life to it’s fullest in the best and healthiest of ways!

Thanks Karen and Heather. Everyone on this site is just wonderful. I couldn't do this without you.


Hi Deanna ... Just wrote you in your other post...I am glad your aneurysm hasn't grown, but "Where is it located?"...

You know we are here to help you get through this journey (which means getting on with life and everyday)...

Gotcha in my Thoughts and Prayers...Colleen

good news.

Prayers and hugs...God is with you. :)

Wonderful news that the annie hasn't grown! May God Bless you and keep you safe for this new journey!