Prayers Please!

So, tomorrow I go for my first angiogram. I love Dr Rashid Janjua at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. He was so compansionate and understanding with me. The angiogram will determine the best surgery for my 2 small aneurysms. He doesnt think the coiling will work but the angiogram will show for sure. The clipping will require me to be out of work for a while...which I cant afford. I am very nervous. I am a single parent...both my children will be there with me tomorrow. Looking on the bright side, since its New Years Eve...I hope I will see a light show! Please add me and my family to your prayer lists today. God is in control and I know that...just so hard for someone who is always the one in control to give that up...


Sweetie ... you have my and tommorrow on your angio...please keep us posted...I will continue to add you and your children to my prayers...~ Colleen

Hello rhonda, i too will add you and your children to my prayer list. The angiogram is not too bad to go through. It will be a very long day however, for your children. Tell them to bring reading material or whatever to occupy their time.Take one day at a time, I think we all drive ourselves crazy by trying to figure everything out ahead of time! That never works,just makes us more anxious. Good luck tom.,I'll be thinking and praying for you. donna w


Good luck tomorrow with your angiogram. Thoughts and prayers to you and your kids for a speedy recovery and an uneventful surgery.

Michelle K

Thank you guys! Prayers for all of you as we’ll!

Prayers are going out to you & your children & good luck tomorrow with your angiogram…


HI!PRAYERS ADDED oops caps- dont worry the angio will go good!-the waiting is the hardest part!