Prayer request

It turns out my story isn't as much of a success first time round as I thought. I've been having the same headache as last year before my aneurysm was operated on, for the last 17+ days (non-stop) and on and off since about end March. The neurologist is worried that my aneurysm is now "leaking" so I'm going in on Wednesday for an angiogram. Last time I was lucky to be asleep during the process but I am told it will be done with local anesthetic this time only - one of my biggest fears in life. Please keep me in your prayers!

You got it!!!!!!!!!!

I've had a couple now. They got me pretty stoned, I dont remember much and didint feel a thing..

God has you in his hands and angels are by your side... An there is NO leak...


Hi Rushan,

Prayers are on the way. I also had a local anethetic with some mild sedation during my angiograms. I had no problems. I hope you won’t either.


done deal -prayers going out now for all the concerns i agree with all the replies so i won't have to elaborate-think positive my friend

You got it Rushan...~ Prayers coming your way ~ Colleen

Rushan...many more prayers surrund you...wishing you the best results.


Praying for the best possible outcome!

will be praying.

Hey Rushan, They are right just ask for a sedative to help calm you and you will be ok. I have had a few angiograms and it went fine, and so will yours.(Think postitive):>)

God Bless and prayers are coming your way!!

Lots of Hugs!!!!!


Thank you so much for the encouragement and prayers. Funny that I am more afraid of being awake during and angiogram than going in for a 4 hour coiling procedure... *blush* Thanx again!!

Hi Rehsan, I will keep you in my prayers for a good result and that the result of your angiogram will be good, take care of you, Jill

Hi Rushan,

Don’t feel embarassed and know that you are alone.

On Saturday night, one of my girlfriends was “freaking out” about the number of innoculations she would have to get to go with her husband on an overseas trip. She’s considering not going rather than have the shots. :frowning: She went on to talk about how each of us has something that “scares” us and that for her it is needles. While she was talking, one of the men at the other end of the table acknowledged his fear of needles, too.

If you are a praying person, pray for God’s presence to comfort you during the experience.

Take care.


Positive thoughts and prayers for you! I am a big chicken, but have had 2 angiograms. Both were done while I was awake. But like everyone says, they give you “I don’t care” drugs. The worst part of the procedure for me, is having to lay still on your back after they are finished. This is to make sure you are not bleeding from the incision site in your artery. No worries, as they know how to keep you occupied and still until it is safe to go home. There is little pain from this procedure, some people do get headaches. Overall it is worth it, to have your annie evaluated.

I had 7 angiograms done and a Trial balloon occulsion and was a wake for all of them. I was pretty loopy, but felt nothing! Prayers for good results and calmness for you. Please keep us posted.


Just had an angiogram last week. They gave me a little sedation but I was awake the whole time.....felt nothing. Good luck and hope all goes well.

Good luck:) I will keep you in my prayers.

Prayers for you and stay strong. You will do fine.


Positive thoughts coming you way. :o) Lynn

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, sharing your experiences and the prayers. The angiogram went well in many ways. Firstly, although not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination, it was actually more pleasant than the botched drip insertion in preparation earlier...! Secondly there is no leakage or bleeding of any kind and although there is definitely compacting of the coils inserted last year necessitating a yearly check-up as there is now a space where a future aneurysm can develop, all is well. They are putting me on long term medication to try and sort out the headache though as that has still continued....

So good to hear it all went well.