Prayer request

I go back on March 31,2011 for my 5th coiling(they are going to "try" something to get the coils to stay in the stent as evidently the procedure they tried in August failed because the coils kept falling out(the stent would not hold them in) the aneurysm as of March 8 when they went back in to look is larger....and the stroke I had on the table that day they said was "minor" needless to say I am terrified!!!! Please pray for me that our heavenly father continues to hold me in the palms of his hands and that he guides the sugeons hands....thanks .....hope this will make things better.....trusting in my God!!!

Sister in faith


Will do Judy.

prayers goin up for you n your drs…full recovery along with sound mind n sound body…

Judy, my prayers to you and awaiting to hear from you. We all trust in our God...


please see my recent post for updates…thank you all for your prayers…know that I am praying for each of you daily…Our God is an awsome God!!!g

Hello Judy! Our prayers is with you . Don't worry God will make a way just be strong and stand

for your faith in him. God bless!

Praying for you Judy. As you stated, defintiely praying that God will guide the surgeon to heal you once and for all.