Prayer Request

Hi, I’m new here, and scared. I have a neurosurgeon appointment next week to discuss the 5mm carotid artery aneurysm they found. Very nervous and would appreciate any prayers!

I pray that God grant you peace of mind to face this situation. That you and your family will be surrounded in his love and comfort knowing that He is able to heal you. Amen.

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Know that Jesus is with you. Praying that the neurosurgeon and team use all their skills and knowledge to help you.

praying for your health and recovery, ellie

Thinking of you and sending healing energy your way. Have faith in the amazing doctors and surgeons we have these days - we live in a time when so many things can be fixed and helped, it's truly miraculous what surgeons can do these days. You will be in good hands.

I was an absolute mess when my Dad was diagnosed last year with a 5mm aneurysm right in the middle of his brain - I had no knowledge of aneurysms except that they were bad. How different I know now! If someone else I know is now diagnosed with one, I will be able to reassure them so much more as knowledge is power. So I can reassure you - it may sound scary but you will be well looked after and you have this forum to help you. This forum helped me so much last year and I don't know what I would have done without them. Let us know how you get on with your appointment. xx

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I’m praying for you.

Prayers for comfort n strength in knowing evetything will be alright. I had a 5mm anuerysm in my basilar tip artery. .it is a much better situation to catch the anny and treat it before it ruptures…my anny happened to rupture and your recovery time will be alot shorter since they caught it in time…psalms in the bible will help in knowing God has got your back …The good Lord above will never take you to a place where he is going to hold you by the hand to walk you thru this scary time …i will keep you in my prayers and am here if you might have any questions…God bless you and give you strength and a speedy recovery…huggs n prayers

prayers for the best outcome, trust in your surgeon and peace of mind, I had the same 9 weeks ago and had PED s that took care if aneurysms I was scared but am healed with an entirely new look at life

Thanks for all of your replies and prayers! I managed to secure an appointment, angiogram, and a Pipeline Stent for June 20th, 21st, and 27th at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. We are flying June 13th. Prayers would be appreciated for the flight and my nerves on the flight. I know I will be anxious about flying with this thing in my head! The neurosurgeon has assured me that it is fine. On a second note, I have been struggling with chronic ear infections, and my most recent one will not go away. Please pray for my appointment this Monday with the ENT that they will be able to do the microsuctioning that has been recommended before the flight so I won’t have excruciating pain to deal with too. Thanks everyone! My prayers are with you all too!

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praying for you and holding you and your fears, I’ve had them too, having Gond through this has made me less afraid