Recovering after coiling

Hello everyone. I just had my coiling done yesterday. Now, im home recoveriing. Is anyone who can tell me some post coiling experience!
Continue to pray for me for my fast rexovery.

Hi Marinelle, I’m so glad you are home, that must mean you are doun reasonably well- many prayers that you do continue to do so! I had my coiling one week ago… And so far— so great! I’ve ha minor (not migrane grade) headaches- have been able to only use regular tylenol and got rid of them. My leg has healed up nicely and I feel like one of the most blessed people ever! I have read many stories and I know many are not so lucky, but I think it’s important for people to hear the good stories too! God speed! Heather

Hi Marinelle and congrats on your successful coiling!

I had a failed coiling and instead have two PEDs, but just wanted to wish you a healthy recovery!


Hi heather! Thank you for your response. Have you experience blurry vision after your coiling when you read near?

Hi Marinelle,

It is amazing that you are home so quickly. God bless you and know prayers are with you during and after your recovery.

You must have had the coiling scheduled as opposed to having a rupture? That makes a big difference in recovery time. When I had my coils placed (I had 2 aneurysms, 1 of which ruptured), I was in the ICU for 18 days, a step-down unit 1 day, a general unit overnight and then home. I recovered very nicely and have few "side effects" from the aneurysms or coilings. I, like many others, have been so lucky and blessed to have received the top notch treatment in a timely fashion in order to be doing so well. I have a couple of guardian angels watching over me!

Keep up the great work, but don't overdo it. Kathy

I was in the hospital for 18 days after my rupture... 15 of which was in ICU. I was the only patient they'd ever seen with a laptop on Facebook. HA! It was several days though before I was comfortable enough to do that. I was literally strapped down to keep me from moving my legs for the first 24 hours. I woke up intact except for some numbness on the tip of my tongue. I also woke up with horrific headache and fortunately, they kept me medicated. After a couple of days I started getting excruciating charlie horses in my butt and thighs. After giving me heavy duty muscle relaxers, I was finally able to rest. I remember laughing and crying at the same time asking how was it that my ass hurt after brain surgery??? I later found out that it was the blood reabsorbing into my spinal fluid from my brain. It was awful. If you are already home; you are having a fast recovery : ) Prayers sent your way!

Lots of Rest...I found it helped my brain to heal...and donot let the headaches get the best of you, take the meds Doctors gave you for headache...and just try to embrace everday...You are a Survivor...!

Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Marinelle, as for the blurry vision- no I have not, however I think it could depend on where your annie was ( maybe by your eyes?) for that kind of side- effect. I do hope you are able to take it slow and sleep alot! Even though I feel good my parents are still coming over while my husbands at work to help with my 17 mo- old;)that means I can nap! Hooray;) I hope the blurriness goes away. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe we will find out- this forum is awesome for answers!