I had been doing wonderfully well after my coiling 9/14.

last night I started getting a dull headache. not bad, but concerned me, because I had nothing the 1st. 4 days.

is this normal.

I know there is a lot of truma in there, so I am just hoping this is normal recovery.

they gave me a script for pain meds, which I did not even have filled.

Thanks everyone for your responses.


Hi Sandy...I was told I could have some bad headaches for 6 months after coiling...the worse one's were the first few weeks...I took ferocet that were prescribed...eventually was able to keep the pain level under control...not to mention my head was swollen...I think the headaches are common...and what people don't realize after surgery is often the anthestia tends to help with pain a few days until it comes out of your system...personally, and I am not a medical professional...Headaches are normal after coiling, however, if you are one bit worried...Call your Doctor or get to ER immediately...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

thank you for your quick response.

My husband got my script filled and I took 1/2 of one at 11.

I agree about the anestesia. I feel fine know.

I have to call the Dr. office tomorrow to schedule my appt in 3 mths., so I will just ask then, but I am sure it is normal.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.


Hi Sandy,

This to me is soooo the norm...When you posted how well you felt I was so tempted to say...Easy does it as you may feel excellent today but you must remember you may not feel quite so excellent in a few days. But its so unfair to take away some ones joy and positive thinking.

I totally agree with Colleen that in the first few days you still have all the super strength pain meds in your system and I think the excitement and relief of how well we feel give also us that little boost to help us cope. My worst experience was the how good I felt on leaving the hospital, to the head hurtys I developed a few days after returning home and I feel that if the hospital woud have said "NOw you shall feel good as first but EXPECT a little headache or discomfort once you return home it would take the fear that something is suddenly not right. But hey who wants to be the bearer of bad news as they wheel you out the door on a high.

Hope you feel better soon and stay positive, I really believe this is the norm.

Best Wishes


The first headaches are hard, because there’s such fear that they mean something is wrong. In a way, it’s good to get these early headaches behind you - it will increase your confidence that headache does not equal complications. My first true migraine scared me - and I can’t say I like getting them - but I’ve come to believe that they are just migraines (I don’t mean the post surgery headaches, I mean my first actual migraines. I had migraines and headaches before all this, so try to remember that I will continue to have them after all this…)