I am feeling so good and it has only been 2 1/2 weeks since I had my aneurysm coiled. is this normal?? So many other stories I have read are not even close to mine so I am almost scared that feeling good isn't normal? I pretty much had a headache for 2 weeks straight and my first day back to work which would have been day 15 after my coiling I woke up without a headache and have not had one since. just looking for some feedback please!

On day 14 my head hurt when I sneezed or bent down and then BAM the next day no pain -- very puzzled -- happily but feeling scared still.

Hi Fireflower,

I think your recovery is TERRIFIC! It is so awesome to hear that you are feeling great and the headaches disappeared. I think that this is a great, positive recovery. You have a great outlook and don't be scared. This is so uplifting.



Hi and I agree...this is TERRIFIC... remember many of us had complications...all went well with your coiling this is the norm and should be good healing...Enjoy the Feeling ~ Colleen

Hi - what great news!! I can relate.

My coiling was Sept 17th and I went back to work the following Monday. I feel terrific - so relieved. No headaches at all - just getting on with my life like it never happened. So far so good. Just go with it & enjoy it. This is the time to let it go because stress is not a good thing for people prone to annies. Hoping we both continue to thrive.

Hi Donna, Woo Hoo!!! So awesome to hear your fabulous positive recovery. So happy for you, and I love your positive beautiful outlook.
Blessings Sal

Thank you everyone for the reassurance -- just seems to good to be true -- but am feeling very lucky and blessed!!

hi ff!! yes you are normal!!-lol says me! I think everyone is different and we don't hear enough of success stories-hey if you'd like post in the group "success stories" you are definitely a success! I had mild headaches for a few days also after my coiled SAh and Tylenol did the trick. I suspect your positive attitude also played a role with your speedy recovery! hmmm my head hurt like a rusty knife stab when coughing or God forbid a sneeze, it was a sinus infection which antibiotic amoxicillin cleared up in 3 days. Don't feel scared, you are doing great! Enjoy your new found nirvana! ps thank you for posting- we need more of this!

well thanks but after reading so many of the different stories on here -- I almost feel guilty! I will give a HUGE THANKS and WOOT WOOT to Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis -- the team that took care of me was amazing!! My doc was Dr. Josser Delgado and he is an amazing guy that not only is an amazing neurosurgeon but it felt like he genuinely cared! I was having some neck pain a few days after my coiling and I called Abbott and within 30 minutes my he called me and then called back in 2 days to check on me.