Prayer Request

I am having my six-month angiogram after coiling in December. I am nervous about the procedure, but hopeful that all is well. It is scheduled for 10:30 Friday morning. Thanks so much!

Hi Gwen

Hope everything goes well for you on friday I’m sure it will we will be praying for you … Try not to worry to much

Thanks Jimmy

Hi Gwen I go for my 18 month angio on Tuesday morning...I have been through this twice before and I still get nervous...I think it is natural...

You have my prayers that you get good results tommorrow...please let us know when you get a chance...~

Cyber~prayers and thoughts your way ~ Colleen

good luck gwen- think positive thoughts and may God be with you- i know He will,Praying now for you and yours-i got so tired of worrying i just quit and put it in Gods hands. Also right before they took me in i went into total denial and pretended this was not happening and imagined i was lying on a tropical beach it really helped curtail the bad thoughts and worries. This was taught to me when i was taking chemo to help from getting sick

Will be praying for you tomorrow (well and NOW too) that all goes well....I am facing a similar nerviousness as mine is scheduled for the 18th! I, too, am a bit nervous about the procedure...not so much the results, but defintely the procedure! I know it doesn't take long, it is just so you DEFINITELY have my prayers!!!! Hugs to you!

Mine was supposed to be Wednesday, but had to move it to the next Monday....Will be praying for you on Tuesday as well Colleen!!! (Mine is the 6 month one)

Thank you Jo!!!! I certainly appreciate ALL prayers! I will be more than happy to fill you in on the details when it is over and maybe it'll help you!!! LOL!!! July 16th - 20th, God willing I will be in Dallas at the conference!!!! I sure hope we can "meet"!!! Hugs to you!

Hi Gwen,

I pray that your angiogram will go well and that your results will show that there are no problems requiring further treatment.

May God bless you.



My prayers are with you that your procedure on the 18th will go well and that you will have good news afterwards.

Take care.


Thank you so much Carole!!! I'm NOT looking forward to it but I'll be glad when it is behind me!