Prayers needed

I’m going in on January 22nd to have my aneurysm clipped. I had an angiogram done 4 days ago and it showed that my aneurysm, which was coiled, is not secure. I’m scared and frightened. Please pray for me. Thank you.


Absolutely! Remember to breathe and hydrate before and after your procedure.

Than you.

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So sorry you have to undergo so much. I will you keep you in my prayers. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and you’re back home healing comfortably very soon.

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Thank you.

Did your aneurysm rupture while you were in Kentucky?

Yes, I spent 3 weeks in Lexington, Kentucky. Where I hadmy aneurysm coiled.

Isn’t it amazing what medical science can do to keep us on our life journey! I think most all of us who’ve survived a rupture are told we are a miracle. God has always been with me for a very long time. Always there when I needed Him. I always have said a special prayer for my Neurosurgeon and her team before a procedure. I also started asking my wonderful Neurosurgeon if she’s eaten, hydrated and gone to the bathroom right before she starts on me. One of the team members asked me why. Simple I told him, I want her attention on her job which means hydration and protein. He asked about going to the bathroom and my response was “I don’t want her doing the potty dance somewhere in the middle of the procedure :rofl:

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You got this! PLEASE remember you are strong! Don’t let anything or anyone tell you different! Positive thoughts for a speedy recovery! Gold Mountain

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Thank you.


Thank you

My prayers are with you and your family. May psalm 91 comfort you.

Imagination is a powerful tool of creation. Just before falling asleep, imagine that you are awakening from the upcoming procedure on the 22nd and are being informed that the procedure was a complete success without any complications. Feel what that would feel like from being told the good news, utterly happy and grateful. Let that be the last thing that you will imagine and feel just before falling asleep. Looking forward to hearing the good news from you after the procedure. God speed.


Thank you Peter. I’m going to try your suggestion.

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Thank you. I’ll read it.

Prayers. Stay positive and know that you’ve got this!

Thank you.

Praying for you & your surgical team.
Please post your good news after.

Thank you. I will.