Piracetam and Neurologist Who Is Aware of the Latest Most Effective Meds

Hello all! Does anyone know of a neurologist in the Long Island, NY area that is very up on the latest medications? Also, has anyone taken any nootropic, Piracetam etc. and has feedback? Currently mom is on 20mg of Ritalin and 300mg of Amantadine. I think this combination gives her some confusion. She converses much more and is slightly more "with it" before taking her morning dose as she is later in the day before bed when the drug has probably tapered off.

Mom has SEVERE frontal lobe damage so focus, attention and distractability as well as initiation of tasks on her own are a HUGE problem. I have heard Piracetam is a wonder smart drug that benefits people in so many ways. Has anyone tried this medication?

Also, if you are from NY, does anyone know of a neurologist that is very current on medications? It seems to be trial and error of Ritalin and Amantadine.

Any feedback would mean more to me than you know. Thanks for reading this post and God Bless!


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hi there, my surgeon moved from philly to ny , not sure if he is close to you or not but he is fab!!! dr michael stiefel at the west chester medical center, heard that the group there is awsome !!! hope this helps!!! huggs and prayers! Julie in delaware

You can also put the names in the search site and a number of sites will provie data; including the pharma to read all the data on contraindications, reactions, etc...

Public Citizen has the "Worst Pills, Best Pills" which is a membership...apx $25/year.

Another site: www.nih.gov/mesh/MBrowser.html for research...

Best of luck in reserching and askng your mother's md; it is great you can track the changes to explain them.

I wish I did. You are correct it seem to be a trial and error… It is a very fustrating experience… If you do find a good neuro can you please advise I am in Suffolk county… I will do the same… currently I am going to see Dr Pearl for the 2nd time next month…I had previously saw another Dr in which I could not stand… When I told him I had numbness on the right side of my face his respose was wrong side…? Good Luck in your search