Neurostimulant meds?

Hey Everyone!
So, this doctors are wanting to give my sister some Neuro-stimulant medication. I’m wondering if anyone here has had to have them and how they have helped or NOT helped. Here are the ones they are thinking of:
Acetyl - L - Carnitine

They have thrown a ton of meds at her during this whole process. I’m sure that’s normal. I just don’t know much about all the medications they give her. Some are NOT a fit. They make things worse.
Any insights would be SO appreciated!
Wendy I.

I didn’t have to go to a care facility, just have my parents babysit me. But I know my Neurologist didn’t like my tremor and other neurological deficits and threw more meds at me than a dog can shake a stick and none of them did well. I call it the “shotgun method” where they throw what they know in hopes something will work.

@ronk may have more insight his rupture was pretty bad though none are good. I hope others who do have more experience come and share…

It is important for someone to know her meds, more importantly their side effects, even the rare ones. If they have a good relationship with a pharmacist, the pharmacist can explain the meds and side effects or someone can always print them out from the drug manufacturer.