Which specialists & how long on anti-seizure

My father is 5 months post surgery for a planned clipping procedure on a frontal brain aneurysm. Both his physical and mental capabilities have been gradually declining & every time he ends up in the hospital they claim it is his meds. He is on 15 now, with an additional 4 or 5 as needed. Most of them are to treat symptoms from taking meds (constipation, stomach upset, and so on). Can any of you recommend any specialist that would have a whole-patient approach? So far every specialist he has been to tends to just prescribe more meds that relate to their specialty (ex. psychiatrist prescribed anti-anxiety and anti-depressant, pain dr prescribes butranz patch, neuro prescribed anti seizure). He is declining so much and has lost all hope. We can't understand why he would be declining after a planned surgery rather than progressing and are being offered no explanations other than "that happens sometimes" or "it's the meds."

My second set of questions pertain to anti-seizure. Currently my father is on Trileptal. He metabolized Dilantin too quikly and had bad side effects on Keppra. What kind of effects have you had on Trileptal? If any? My father had a pretty severe seizure within hours of his operation, but has not had any since. How long was/is everyone else on anti-seizure meds after their operation. The surgeon said 3-6 months. The post-surgery neuro said 6 months, then changed it to a few months, then recently for the rest of dad's life! He didn't even give an explanation of what about my dad's case was indicating this change.



Hi Christina...

I am so sorry that your father is going through all of this...I was coiled, not clipped, so I donot know what to say to you ... other than, Does dad have a regular family Doctor, primary Doctor, and/or internist Doctor who would be getting all his records and be able to help in the overall picture of Dad's health and meds?

I do hope others can give you some good advice...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Thanks for your kindness. My dad just had another EEG today. We are still waiting on the results. We may not know until tomorrow. The facility he is at has very strange hours for their doctors. Sometimes they don't come in until 9pm!

My dad has a primary care physician that he really likes, but they have been doing this strange deferring game. "well, I could change these meds, but I have to check with the neurologist first"

I just don't understand how my dad's thinking gets more impaired every month more physically limited with each month, and all the doctors keep saying is "well, you had brain surgery only five months ago, give it time." How can downward progress still be from the aneurysm?

(I think by the end there I was practically ranting. Sorry bout that.)

i didn't develop seizures until 7 months after my ane wasruptured during a coiling procedure i did not have seizures until 7months after surgery, they gave me ativan to takeat the onset of seizure and then put me on lamicta i had taken for a moodstablizerforbefore all thatand just kept raising tje dosage. i hated it as they putme on timed releasand on and off all day i would just fall asleep which depressed me because i thought how will i ever recover from the strokecaused by the rupture if all i did was sleep, i felt like i was. i worried that i would have tobe on ait for the rest of my life but just recentlymy new neurologist is weaning me offthe lamictal while weaning me on trilepta land she said if i can gotwo years without a seizure i could stop anti seizuremeds all together . it hsas been and a half years since my surgeryand its been hellbut i am finally stating to get better physicallymentally and most of emotionallyand even have some hope for the futurei though my life was overeven the neuralgia pain i can deal with and have begun to play my guitars again. i hope your father gets better and i know what its like being a walking pharmacy.i will put him in my prayers.and you alsoas i know my kids and husband have not enoyedbeing around me as i have not been much fun to be around

Hi Christina,

While I am not a physician, I suspect that the downward spiral may be due to all the meds. Your father's PC should be alarmed to know your dad is taking 15 meds for any reason.

If you haven't done so already, please schedule and appointment and go to the visit with your father. Before going, please go on-line and check all the meds for what they are "supposed to be for" and what contraindictations there are. Please create two lists - one for you and one for your father's PC. Please put all of the meds in a bag and take them with you to the appointment.

Please "ask" your dad's PC to help you manage your dad's case. You will probably need to tell him that while you "understand" that he won't make the call about changing anti-seizure meds (mine wouldn't either), but that you do need his help in sorting out all of the meds that your father is taking and determining if some can be eliminated.

Good luck to you.