Mom's Neurology Appointment

My Mom finally got to see the neurologist yesterday!!! I really like him, he seems as though he is going to advocate for her! He was shocked that she hadn’t been doing physical therapy all along… This is something I kept on them about but they never followed through. They kept saying that insurance wouldn’t cover it because she wouldn’t respond. He wrote a prescription for PT, OT, and Speech Therapy! He said if they didn’t follow through with this they would be in trouble. He also ordered ct scans with and without contrast and an EEG to check for seizure activity. He seems to think that she may have some paralysis on the right side but he isn’t sure to what extent. The neurologist thinks there is still time for improvement and she may be able to go to a rehab facility in the future. Right now we are just praying that they don’t find any other aneurysms on the CT scan. He said he would like to do an MRI but doesn’t think that she could stay calm enough to do that. She is very frustrated and tends to hit people when she gets really upset and didn’t think It would be a good idea for the MRI. I am very happy that we got this neurologist and he seems to be very knowledgeable about aneurysms! Just wanted to update everyone since I asked if you all thought she should be seeing a neurologist :slight_smile:

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Great news, I am happy for your mom and your whole family.

Keep us updated

Thank you Jim and Ken!

I will keep everyone updated on my mom. It has been a long struggle to get her this far and it is going to been even longer to get her home… But I am not going to ever give up on her and she will take as long as she needs… she is a fighter and I know she will come through okay!

Tanya, I am glad to hear you like her neurologist and happy to hear that he is advocating for your Mom. You have the right attidute-do not give up on her. Good luck to her and to you. Hang in there.

Oh, thank Heavens!
I’m so thankful for you that finally someone is listening and doing something positive.
More good thoughts and prayers for you that things will now take a turn towards your mother’s healing.

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