Need names of other neurosurgeons in Buffalo NY area! PLEASE

I everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing well! I am looking to possibly seeing a different neurosurgeon. I am loosing my confidence in the one I am currently seeing. First the mix up with not putting me on blood thins be fore coiling and stent had to postpone surgery after already in hospital. Now they call and say the med I am taking for GERDS makes my plavix non effective. WHAT after a month and a half!!! You tell me that!!! They have to change my GERDS med! So since surgery I have been taking a med I need, Plavix, and it was been ineffective! Thats bull----! So I am not really happy with my doctor. So I 'd like to hear about some other physicians in my area and possibly look in to a second opinion. Thanks!


You may also want to search the 'net for neurosurgeons / city / state ...

there's also some site ... called healthgrades or some such...

Or, do you want to go out of to MGH in Boston...or Mayo, or Duke?

There is also a section Understanding on the BAF website... go thru it and see what / how you need to address issues w/the mds... there are also other sites that help w/that... i.e. make your list of symptoms / issues /list of all meds you take, your questions... and, take it w/ you...You may already do all of that.

Wishing you the very best...

Thanks Pat!

I know you are looking for someone in the Buffalo area, which I don't really know anyone.

If you're willing to make a longer trip I would recommend Dr. Connolly from NY Presbyterian Columbia Medical Center (NYC). He is very very good at his job. Saved my husband's life.