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Is this type of annie more rare than one in the Circe of Willis? Are they harder to operate on? I am curious if anyone else has or has one and what they have been told.



My rupture was on the right pericollosal artery. I have tried doing some research on these and its hard to find information. What I have found is that its hard to find long term results on someone with this location because people rarely survive a rupture here and surgery is hard to perform in this location. I’m not entirely sure how accurate this is, as my ruptured aneurysm was clipped via craniotomy. Also, while they were repairing the one on the right side they found a small one on the left pericollosal artery and “remodeled” it at the same time. I have a few left over side effects, but I can say I am almost back to what I was able to take on before my rupture.



Mine was on the basilar artery in the Circle of Willis and was clipped 3/18/1998 by Dr. Ogilvy who used to be the head of the BAF. At the time, it was very rare for a surgeon to go there. But medical techniques have come quite far since then. I wish you the best!



I found this, you may need to sign up to read it.

And this

This one suggests 4.4 - 6%, I have read up to 9%.

Hope these help.

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Interesting! Thank you. I think I read some statics like this before. Essentially,. I was told the same thing-they are difficult to treat surgically. so they like to leave them alone unless they grow. I think ( although I am no surgeon) that mine may have stemmed from the fact I have had 3 concussions. Some of us should never get off the couch. The interesting thing the last time I had an MRI ( in 2012 I think) there was not one there and then in 2018 there was. So, it could just be a slow growing little bugger. I guess that is good news. Most days I do not even think of it, then I have these moments where I am like what if that sucker ruptures.

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He is still the Executive Director of the BAF Medical Board



That is great to know! Thanks!



I emailed him and asked him a question. I am not sure he will get back to me, but I thought I would try,



He may not, but if you emailed the BAF, someone in the office will respond. The folks there are very nice!



I am sure my head will not explode

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