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Hello All,
I am looking for some help figuring out the repair method of one of my aneurysms. When I had my rupture in June 2018, they clipped the ruptured aneurysm. While operating on the ruptured aneurysm on the right pericallosal artery, they spotted an unruptured aneurysm on the left pericallosal artery. The surgeon repaired it at the same time using “micro surgical remodeling with bipolar coagulation muscle wrapping of a left unruptured pericallosal artery aneurysm”. I copy/pasted this wording directly from my medical records, but I cannot find any research on this technique anywhere. Does anyone know anything about this repair technique, or have had it done? I put this wording directly into google and can’t find any studies or anything. I’m just trying to find research on the success of this repair and what the outcomes may be. I have never heard of it being done, other than in my brain.


I would bring this up with your Neuro-Surgeon in your next follow up. Even if you found an article in a medical journal, it would pertain to that specific case. If there is no scheduled appointment, his Office should provide you with an explanation.


its the same procedure as a tubal ligation and reinforced with nearby muscle. Its pretty standard and has been around a long time. You can read about it here:


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Thank you! I have not been able to find anything on this. This article was interesting and informative. I did not see any information on it being used for aneurysm repair though. Have you seen any studies on that?


Its a surgical technique. Sorta like everling or cushing suturing.
Heres an older study though: You can find out more by following the bibliography in any study as well as checking out who else quote their study…