Pericallosal aneurysm

I was diagnosed with a 2mm brain aneurysm 6 months ago, which they decided to “watch and wait.” I went back to check my records and found it was pericallosal aneurysm, which I found out is rare 2-9% and difficult to treat, I went to the ER the other day with another thunderclap. They scanned me and said it looked the same. But my concern is: if a pericallosal aneurysm is rare and I am still experiencing headaches, shouldn’t a more assertive aporach be taeken? Or am I just worried for nothing?

I would honestly get a second opinion. Have you had an aneurysm rupture before? I’m not sure what you’re experiencing is a “thunder clap” headache if it hasn’t ruptured. Typically the thunderclap headache is associated with a ruptured aneurysm.

A first headache I had was a definite “thunderclap”. My doctors and neurosurgen agreed with that. He said that often these headaches are associated with Annie’s that have not ruptured or bled but are shown to be growing. I have had 3 concussions, so it is hard to say when it started. My last MRI for my head injury showed nothing of that sort and then 4 years later, there it was. They are very often slow growing little jerks, but they do tend to do that. I notice that when I get under high amounts of stress, I am beginning to develop cluster or migraine headaches. However, the last one I had felt much worse. I was lying in bed and I was awoken by complete nausea. I sat up and felt this light bolt in my head and I became weak and disoriented. Was this a “baby clapper”? Who knows. But I must say, even though small, it really bugs me when that happens. I want it gone, I do not care how big it is. But apparently, that is not going to happen.

I feel for you for sure, I know what that pain feels like. Any rise in blood pressure can make an annie fill up which is likely why you’re feeling pain. I got an adjustable bed because when I lay flat, the blood pressure in my head increases, and this has made a significant difference with sleeping. Try putting a wedge under your mattress to lift your head at night. Meditation may help with stress, as well for me what works is quiet hour every single day.

pericallosal aneursym with a small lobe and wide neck. I am not sure is that makes a difference.