One year anniversary

On the 1Oth of February it will make one year since my coiling surgery I am so grateful and thankful to be here alive to celebrate my one year anniversary with my friends and my family that have stood by my side this whole time it’s been really rough since February I’ve been admitted into the hospital over 15 times due to head pain eye pain vertical anxiety depression you name it I had it I’m just grateful to celebrate my one year anniversary I go for an annual cerebral angiogram March 6 hopefully everything is fine and the coils are in place I believe that God has gotten me this far and he will carry all of us even further into the future without pain. To be honest I would take the pain then not be here to see my children smile see my husband happy see my friends wanting to celebrate with me. To everyone out there that has suffered any anything like this you guys are in my prayers I pray every night for a pain free future for all of us. Let’s celebrate our new life together everyday from here on out thank you to this wonderful site that has help me recover with all my heart I love my new life just thankful to be here is all enjoy life