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One Year Later!

Hi everyone, I can't believe it's already been one year since my aneurysm rupture, SAH, and emergency coiling. Time flies, and it has been a journey. There have been many ups and downs, but I am realizing that it is all just a new part of who I am. I would be lying if I said that I am fully recovered, but I have come so far and have such few side effects that I am eternally grateful. I just want to let everyone know that no matter how hopeless you feel- it will get better!! I still deal with daily headaches, anxiety, and eye pain, but the fact that I survived something that should've killed me is a miracle itself. This support group has been a great source of encouragement, hope, and answers along the way. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to continuing this journey!

Happy annieversary, Laura. So glad you are doing well!

Hey Laura....You are Rockin' My partner is only 4 months into recovery and everyday I say slow and steady You can add.....with little skip in your step = )

Happy Anniversary for your 1 year!!

Happy Anniversary! You are right, it does get better with time!

Thanks for sharing Laura! Wishing you all the best!

Laura congratulations! I This month I celebrated my 2 years anniversary of my pipeline stent and last November I also celebrated 1 year anniversary of my coilings! God is gracious and merciful!

Congratulations! Celebrate life!

Congratulations Laura! So glad to hear you are doing well after 1 year. 2 days ago was my 2nd anniversary of my rupture/sah, feb 7 will be 2 yrs since my coiling (I was misdiagnosed for 5days), and am also doing pretty well with a few minor issues. We’ve simplified our lives over the past 2 years - reduced our commitments, downsized our home, limit our activities. It has been a mix of healing and adjusting to a “new normal”. But through this have spent more quality time with my wife, live at a slower pace, get more exercise, and have a more thankful attitude, so I think my quality of life has actually improved. Anyway, may your health continue to improve as you move toward your next anniversary.


Congrats! And yes it does continue to get better. Next month will be my 3rd year anniversary of SAH clipping. I’m still improving and feeling better - my hope is you will too.

congrates! I celebrate with you! I was coiled sah too and june will be 6 yrs! so sorry you have headaches = are they pressure type ones? I have a shunt but I mainly blame sinus and the weather, tc xoxo

Happy Anniversary Laura! I too am the living and breathing proof of the power of prayer. I thank God daily for allowing me to live. Since my Annie in 2012, my only daughter has gotten married and given us a beautiful baby girl, Katherine Grace.

Happy Anniversary and may each year bring the best for you!

Hi everyone ,
On the 1Oth of February it will make one year since my coiling surgery I am so grateful and thankful to be here alive to celebrate my one year anniversary with my friends and my family that have stood by my side this whole time it’s been really rough since February I’ve been admitted into the hospital over 15 times due to head pain eye pain vertical anxiety depression you name it I had it I’m just grateful to celebrate my one year anniversary I go for an annual cerebral angiogram March 6 hopefully everything is fine and the coils are in place I believe that God has gotten me this far and he will carry all of us even further into the future without pain. To be honest I would take the pain then not be here to see my children smile see my husband happy see my friends wanting to celebrate with me. To everyone out there that has suffered any anything like this you guys are in my prayers I pray every night for a pain free future for all of us. Let’s celebrate our new life together everyday from here on out thank you to this wonderful site that has help me recover with all my heart I love my new life just thankful to be here is all enjoy life

Happy Anniversary Laura

Congratulations Laura!!! God is good!!

Congratulations! God absolutely is still in the miracle business! My 1 yr. anniversary was Sept. 4th. Six months after my coiling I flew to be with my daughter who had a craniotomy. Her tumor was found as a result of a suggested MRA for my sisters and children. I'm getting ready to fly back to SF again to celebrate her one year anniversary with her and my 4 GRANDdaughters!

Wow! Thank you to all of you survivors for inspiration every day!!
You are all miracles!!!

Happy Birthday, Laura!!!