Omg i love you all soooo much!

Dear friends,

I am so very sorry that you all have been so worried about me...Things have been a little tough at times and so I have been doing all that I can to get into the holiday spirit :-)

I have had issues with the swelling and liquid bubbles since my last surgery in August. I also have had to see a jaw specialist /dentist due to the fact that my jaw bone was pulled out of the socket during my 3rd surgery..I have spent the last few months going to and from specialists to get all the problems under control.

I had no clue that so many people would miss that I had not been around. You have no Idea how you all have made me feel and the tears that I have come down reading your concerns. I thought I was alone in this and just realized that I am not!!!

The update is I go back in the hospital next Tuesday because they are going to try another antibiotic on me. I had a cap that fell out of my tooth of course it's the very back tooth and of course it can't be fixed until they find an antibitioc I can take. Now what could be the bad news is after the 1st of the year my neuro says that he thinks he is going to have to open my head for a 5th time :-(

I however feel so positive about this upcoming test and that this antibiotic is going to work. The infection specialist said that it's something that has a totally different make up then the normal antibiotics and stays in the system longer so they have made arrangements for me to be tested and then the following day have my tooth pulled and some mold made for my jaw. After about a month as long as all goes good next week my neuro said that we will schedule my next surgery.

Now the good news!!!

I am soooooooo positive that this is going to work and that the antibiotic is going to be just what I need and it's going to take care of everything. I am going to be able to eat a hamburger again the right way, I am NOT going to have to have my hair cut again and most importantly I am NOT going to need a 5th surgery.

My life has been trying at times but honestly I keep dancing around the house while listening to the radio like a teenager, I have spent more then a week now decorating for Christmas, getting on as many people's nerves as I can (all in a good way). My daughter and her boyfriend think I am just a tad bit nuts..Hehe

I decided today that I am going to do Thanksgiving dinner. I found for the first time here turkey at the store so Thanksgiving dinner it is! I have only done Thanksgiving once since I moved here so I believe it's about time. It's been a long hard year and it's not over yet. I need this holiday season! Not for anyone esle be myself.

I hope all of you are doing well and madly decorating like

So much love goes out to each and everyone of you... :-) ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))

Kimberly..............You just made my day..

THANK GOD your alright.....

I was so worried, but I get it.. Had a couple dark days myself..

You are family.. Let me say that one more time just incase you didn't hear me.. YOU ARE FAMILY!!!!! And you are so very LOVED...

Ciao~ My sweet beautful girl..


Prayes that it will ALL be good..

Oh thank you sweetie...

It just got a little hard not being able to find anyone who has had the same problems that I have with the swelling and the bubbles..I have days when it's just too hard to read because I am so swollen, so I clean instead..LOL

I refuse to become depressed! so I just keep trying to find answers to this problem because I think it's going to happen to someone else someday and they are going to need to know how to deal with it..




So good to see your smiling face again! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Prayers for you and quick healing!

Big Hug,



This was the best thing that happened answer from You...!

God you have been missed...and we have been worried about You...

You my lady are such an inspiration to all of us...

Love ya ...

Cyber~prayers and hugs Colleen

Kimberley -

You mean so much to all of us here - I'm crying with relief from knowing you are okay, I was so worried. I hope my trying to super-sleuth and find you wasn't intrusive, I was just so worried, as were many of us. I even emailed back and forth with a very nice lady in the dept of tourism from your city, but of course she didn't know anything, as I didn't even remember your last name at that point! She was very nice and said I should come visit (I told her my grandfather's family was from Dalarna)!!!

Oh, friend, I am beyond thankful to know that you are okay, dancing around decorating and driving your daughter crazy. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that you are okay. You are a ceaseless source of inspiration to me - your friendliness, your upbeat attitude - evidenced by your determination that this next round of antibiotic testing will be the last and you will be FINE!!! I totally agree.

I will be toasting you in my heart on Thanksgiving.


Lots of love,


Hi Karen,

Thank you :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's too!!!



Colleen (((HUGS)))

I have missed you too :-) Your one person that gets my am happy that I could have been a part of a good day for you.. (((hugs)))




Tears in my eyes and warmth in my heart that you are okay!! We have all been so worried about you and I am so glad things are looking up for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as always.

As you can see you were missed and are loved by many here, I bet you'll never underestimate the love of your BAF family ever again!!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and keep up the dancing, it lifts the heart and makes a body smile! Hugs, prayers and lots of love your way!!




Jaycie I have to tell you that your super-sleuthing was not intrusive at all as a matter of fact I find it so totally wonderful!!! Never in my wildess dreams would I have thought that not turing on my computer often would result in a massive hunt for me...LOL..As amusing as it is, it's also so heart warming...Gave me chills...What happend was I have a friend that lives in the same area that I do, she too is American. I happen to call her today and ask her how to make stuffing when she said "oh, I happened to go on your aneurysm support site and you really need to let those people know that your still alive"...I didn't understand until she explained that there are so many people on that site looking for you because no one has heard from you in ages...I turn on my computer right away to find she was not joking...It really lets you know that there are people out there that do understand and care...Funny thing is I have never met anyone of you and how total strangers can touch you, just proves to me that the world is not as bad as people think....


Lot's of love backatcha!!!!


so glad to see you back on here kimberly...i will keep you n my prayers that things keep going awesome for your life to return to your "new" normalcy...its already happening...prayers n love coming your way...and dont ever go away so long bless...michelle

Kimberly, how nice it was to sign on tonight and see your smiling face.. so happy that there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for you. Thanksgiving should definitely be in the works for this year for you have much to be thankful for (even though you've had tough times along the way). I'll say some extra prayers for you.

As an aside, my incision area from my 2nd surgery due to staph infection has had difficulty healing. Last week they saw that there was a bit of bone protruding from my head so they are trying to have it scab upagain and hopefully skin will grow over the bone. If not successful, I will have a minor 3rd surgery to pull skin over the area. Once that all heals up and sure that infection is gone they will schedule surgery to insert the prosthetic skull piece. I only share this with you for my experience is somewhat like yours. It feels good to know that someone else has gone through the multiple surgeries. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.

Well hello there stranger.... Who'd of thought our Ms Unique had such a following eh? tee hee......Can't imagine how you felt to read the " where's Kimberely blog". One more week and I think the T-shirts would of been printed... or you'd of had Jaycee on ya Certainly got a few peeps worried here sweetie. Even my hubby had started to ask "has Kimberley had turned up yet.....:) and yaaaaaaaaaaay she most certainly has and as always bringing her beautiful smile and soooooo.....soooooo positive attitude with her.

Fingers and toes crossed this is indeed the antibiotics to answer all your prayers.....I too feel there is indeed a hamburger out there with your name on it :)

Again welcome back sweetie, and don't do it again!!!!!! tee hee x

best Wishes

Gaynor x


You are so right about never underestimating the love and care from our BAF family!!!

As for my Thanksgiving dinner I totally intend on enjoying it :-)



Haha Michelle...

I feel like I just got scolded for missbehaving..LOL

God bless you!!!...



Ohhh Arleen,

I sure feel for you..The minor surgery if needed is a good thing..Infection is not!!!...I saw my neuro a couple of weeks ago and learned that one of the screws that is sticking up a little too much can actually pertrude through the skin, if this happens then the neuro says I am going to lose my skull bone again..I however think it's going to stay where it is and just give me character.. Somewhere along the line this all has to stop and go the right way..It might take more time and a little more work for us then it does for other's but hon we will get there...Hang in there and give YOURSELF a great holiday season...YOU DESERVE IT!!!



LOL..Gaynor I want one of the tee-shirts..Hahaha!!...

OMG! I can not explain the feelings that I had when I read the forum...Never in my life would I have imagined something like this..I feel like I should sit in the corner in timeout for missbehaving..rofl...Hang my head in shame or something...Ti's the season!! I can honestly say as hard as I have been working to give myself a great holiday all I needed to do was come here yesterday and read all this.. My holiday season is here... One day I will explain the last couple of months but right now I just need to know that I matter and you all have shown me that I do!!!!..I have decided that I need this holiday season and selfish or not I am going to have told my kids that I better get presents from them or they are going to have to answer to MOM..LOL...I got pretty much the same reply from them all..LOL...Ummm Ok mommy..LOL..A mother's dream answer...hehehe

Oh you can tell your husband that I am doing ok but I do need help with putting some Christmas lights up on a 15 foot tree outside if he is not to busy..hehe!

As for Jaycie showing up here..LOL...I guess I would have had to taken her to luch after the long trip..LOL...That woman just blows me away the extent she went too..She did get something out of it though by making a new friend at the turist center...rofl

I promise mommy I won't do it again...



Kimberly, it's good to hear you be so upbeat .. It will be a great Thanksgiving for you and your family. I'm having dinner here for my big family of four! I'm sure I will get a bit teary eyed as we give thanks at the dining table but I know that God will pull us through this.

I already think my head has character (conclave as it is) with its imperfections from brain drains and stitches-- My gray/silver hair is getting rave reviews from everyone I meet. Take care.

well it's good to hear from you missy, and next time don't stray for to long, we do love ya.