Feeling like I own the world!

Got up this morning for the first time looking almost like I did before aneurysm :-)

Ok so you have to take into account the bandage on half my head, the very short hair, and honestly I do belive I have aged in the last 18 months, buuuut I am looking sooooo powerful right now!!!...

Had to share this with you all :-)


hope ya all can still breath my hugs might have been a bit tight...hahahaha!

Kimberley...what a blessed message...that is magniuficent...so warming to read...

Healing does take a lot of strength; and, you had more surgery /healing than many.

Hug and prayers for your healing continuing...


Blessings to you Kimberly so good to read your post, take care of you and have an amazing day xxxxxx

Kimberley, aah, so happy to hear! Made my day. Happy St Patricks Day. Keep smiling and I will keep praying for you.


I am so glad the swelling is down. Hope it continues to just get better!


Kimberly…lots of prayers and healing your way.

YOUR the "Princess Worrior" not me!!! Kisses and Love


You Beautiful Lady...~

You are smiling...and I am tearying up ... so happy to hear this...~

Love and Hugs Colleen

Kimberly-I am with Sue, I felt compelled to see who "owned" this- I just cannot tell you haw happy I am you are (finally) feeling so great! Keep it up! D

Oh, I like the new picture!


Such wonderful news! You and your beautiful smile brighten my day!



Thank you all so much xoxoxoxoxo

I am now on day 3 without massive bubbles..Yahooooooo!!!

Tomorrow I get these staples out (ouch) and see my neuro :-)

One week ago it was advised that I do not get on a plane which meant that I could not go home for my daughter's wedding or the birth of my grandchild, tomorrow I will ask again since I am looking soooooooooooo fantastic!!!

Thinking about maybe taking test flights shorter distances to see what would happen..LOL...Who takes test flights to see what would happen to their face..LOL

Keep the prayers, thoughts and hopes for me please...I honestly believe they help xoxoxoxoxo

Kimberley...you made my day! You have been gifted. As k your doc about the trial flights.

Can you start with elevators to note any sensation; then a small private flight whose pilot knows you may want, or need, to return quickly? One little step at a time...besides, you'd view some beautiful scenery at the close range.

I am so delighted for you.

Hugs and contineud prayers,


Hi Kimberley,

I am so glad to hear your good news. How I wish you could take trips to be present for your families' blessed events. I know it must be disappointing not to be able to go but you can look forward to being able to travel and be with them very soon. Please take care with you test flights so that you don't inadvertently cause more problems. It won't be nearly as long as it has been.

May God continue to bless you.


Kimberely, you look truly beautiful. I look at your picture and I can truly relate. When they did the clipping they shaved a one inch strip of hair, when they did the debridement after the infection they shaved 1/2 of my head (sorta like your picture now), when they did the cranioplasty they shaved my entire head!! I think we all look beautiful regardless of the hair! Who wouldn't have some aging after what you've been through, you've been brave to add all the pictures too. My hugs and kisses go out to you tonight. XOXO