Need Prayers

Hello everyone..

5 days ago I woke up with a liquid filled bubble under my eye as well as one above my eye. The swelling was so much above that I once again had looked like I was hit in the face :-(

I had not had any bubbles or really much swelling around my eye since the 16th, more then a week. I didnt't know why after so long this would happen now.

I called my doctor because I had lived this before and it's what lead to my second surgery. I was scared to death!

I met with him the next morning and was informed that this could be nothing, it could also be a slow growning infection like before.

We both agreed that I do not want my head opened again for a 5th time so it was decided to just wait and see what happens. Due to the fact that my last surgery was just 3 weeks ago a CT scan would show fluid. I don't want my head opened up again so I said maybe we should just wait on the CT scan. I will be in constant touch with my doctor for the time being.

I am praying that I am just weird and this is how I heal. If this is an infection growning he said that it's a slow growing one and could take several months to actually show it's self. I am not in danger he said, he also said that if this is an infection that he would have to operate again and remove the skull bone he just gave me.

I am scared and at the same time trying to keep myself positive. I don't want to be opened up for a 5th time! So please in your prayers can you say one for me.




Many hugs and prayers....I am so sorry for all you have gone are remarkable in your god-given spirit and strength... so admire you...

So pray you do not have an infection... and wrap the warmth of hugs around you


Awwwwww Kimberley,

I am soooooo sending prayers that you are just wierd:), and this is your wierd way of healing as you really deserve a bloody break!!!!!. Truly hoping this resolves itself without any need for further action, Prayers n hugs coming your way x



I am with Gaynor and hoping that you are just weird and this is your weird way of healing!!!!

I will keep you in my prayers and hope that they can leave your poor lil head alone already!

Many prayers and hugssss coming your way.


Hi Kimberley:

Looking at your smiling face how can things be anything other than good. Yes, you're likely weird but that's ok you fit right in with the rest of us. Hugs and prayers to you Kimberley and keep smiling.

Kimberly. I have you in my prayers. Hang in there and take care.

Oh Kimberley. I am sending a heartfelt prayer to God for you now. Hard to be positive in times like these but I sense you have great inner strength in you. So be scared if you must, allow yourself this normal reaction and although we can only support you online it doesn’t take away the fervent hope we have for your healing and well-being.


I am so very sorry for what you are going through. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending healing thoughts your way!! :)



Oh Kimberly this can’t happen to you! Like you I had 4 surgeries due to an infection. I am praying for you. You have been through enough already! Happy and healing thoughts to you!

Crap............... It's just fair......... Your in my PRAYERS...


Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your thought's and prayers.

I am spending my days telling myself at this point that I am just unique and it's MY healing process.

I refuse for this to be another infection! If the power of positive thinking can do anything then it will.

Once again thank you so much for being here for me, it means more than you know.



((((Kim)))) i recently had problems, eye swollen,, fluid build up , but it was not an infection ,,, the swelling was treated with a low dose steroids and every thing is fine ,,,, seem as though my brain, sometimes, does not like the ball of coils(51!) and tries to reject them ! You are in my prayers always ! and besides you have a party to plan dang it !

huggsssssssssssssssss and prayers Julie in Delaware

Kim, I had the same thing when I had my CSF leak. My prayers are definatly with you. I am so sorry you have gone through all of this. You are one amazing lady! Please get lots of rest and don’t do too much. Hugs to you!

kimberly u are a warrior hunny…one tuff cookie n when this is all done n over with there will be nuthin that can break u down…i admire ur srength n positivity…we should all have alil bit of u in our spirit…Gods gonna keep u safe n heal all ur worries…keeping you n my prayers for healing n good health for many more yrs 2 come…stay strong n God bless…u def have a shield around u…:wink:

Sorry that was suppose to say “it’s just not fair”… You know brain fog… lol or maybe that was a blonde moment… :slight_smile:


I am so sorry...I have been away ... and no computer at my parents home ... Oh I am so sorry that you are having this again...I will say prayers all day for you sweetie...I can't believe this, thinking and praying positive thoughts...

God Bless...Big Hugs Colleen


This can not be a CSF leak! I refuse to have this happen to me again. I get my rest when my body says enough :-) Thanks for the kind words xxx.



Michelle & Colleen,

Your words brought tears to my eyes. :-)

It's a really nice feeling when so many are behind you in this journey. Love, prayers and many healthy thoughts to you all!



Last two days have been better. Still have the swelling above my eye which makes my eye hang down a little but since I have lived this before I have become an expert at holding my muscles up to make my eye look as normal as I possibly can. The liquid filled bubbles have been smaller the last two days and next week I see my neuro again. The plan that I have is to just walk in there tell him that I feel good and I am just unique! I refuse to let this get the best of me, I have come too far and enough is enough!

I have a party to plan and a life to find again. These are my goals and I WILL REACH THEM!!!

I have decided that I am going to talk with my doctor about how or if I can start a support group here. I believe this might be a challenge since the other patients for the most part think I ask my doctor too many questions.

It's of the belief here that if it's important enough the doctor will tell, if he has not told you then you really don't need to know.

I was blown away when I had the other ladies in my room tell me this.

I personally think they all are in need of a party..hahaha!

Many thanks to you for caring.




Too busy to think straight - but just logged on for the first time in a few weeks and wanted to reach out to you with love and support. You will be okay - I know it.

More when I come back to sanity!