Not allowed to wash my hair for a month!

After seeing three neurosurgeons, I went for a second appointment today with the one I had decided to have clip my right ICA aneurysm on the 23rd September. I went with the surgeon who shaves a strip of hair behind the hairline, even though one of the other doctors didn't shave at all, as he is apparently the best with the lowest morbidity & mortality rates. We went through the surgery very thoroughly, including risks, the procedure and recovery, however the one thing that I can't seem to grasp is that he won't let me wash my hair (or even get my head wet) for a month after surgery. The other surgeons said I could shower and wash my hair within a week. I know it seems trivial, but has anyone else had the same restrictions? He is non negotiable on this as he believes it helps to lower the risk of infection. I have long hair so imagine how gross it will be after a month!

Hi was coiled Wendy…so no hair shaved…I am sorry you have to go through this, but I think you don’t have a choice if you are going with this Doctor… Gotcha in my Thoughts…Colleen

That is why I said to myself, to heck with it, I’ll shave it off. We’ll call it a new beginning and get on with it. :slight_smile: Hair grows back while you recover and it is so much easier than dealing with hair. Infection is something that no surgeon wants to see happen. You said yourself this Dr is the best, so is mine regarded the best by his peers and many other patients. I know, it’s a hard thing to grasp period, all of it but honesty, it’s hair and it does grow back. :slight_smile: Mine did and I love it right now! I also had long hair, all one length. I was thankful that it came off and I didn’t have all that hair to deal with on top of everything else! Good luck, you’ll be fine. Who knows, you may even feel liberated once you do shave it. :slight_smile: Stay positive, be brave and tackle this whole thing like you mean it. :wink:

Hmmm, now that would kinda suck.. But the infection would suck more..

I washed my hair within the 1st week..

Hmmm I just had my head cut open for the 4th time two weeks ago and am able to wash my hair with shampoo as of this past tuesday...Weird


no, i had a clipping and washed my hair and i thin in the same place as you talk about the hairline. thats odd. Maybe dry shampoo?