Hair Loss After Surgery

Hi all:

I have a question. I had an aneurysm clipped about 3 months ago. They had to shave the incision line and I also have about a dime size patch of a bald spot due, I'm assuming to trauma. The hair isn't growing back in either place. It should be at least an inch long by now and it's still totally bald. Is there any hope that it'll grow back? It's not horribly visible but you can see it and although I know it's vain I've always loved my hair and it makes me sad to see it every damn day. It's like another reminder of the surgery, which although I'm grateful for the excellent outcome, was truly one of the most horrifying things I've ever been through. I'm sorry if that's a downer but it's true. Anyway back to my vanity. Did anyone else have this issue? Thanks so much for any help. Love, Jennifer

I had the Left Quarter of my head shaved. My hair grew back except for the incision scar / line. I don't think hair grows back in the actual incision line.

See my pics. I lost ALOT of hair. I now have to wear wigs. But I had a 6 hour surgery on Wednesday, then 5 days later had another 6 hour surgery. They say mine was from the radiation, the fact that I just had my hair died the day before (mine was emergency surgery or I wouldn;t have done that), and I have super fine thin hair. It's just now starting to grow back, but it's to the point I still wear wigs and hats alot due to my baldness.

It is starting to grow back and as my husband says, wear it with pride since you survived and are hear to tell about it. Many aren't.

I understand, alot of mine is growing back but it's still not like it was before thick and pretty. Now its short and looks like a puffy pom pom ball......I have found the joy of wigs, makes me feel like a girl again :)...........Georgeann