To shave or not to shave?

I have just seen three neurosurgeons who have recommended clipping my 5mm right ICA aneurysm. Two of them shave your head for the surgery, but one of them unbelievably insists it is not necessary. I know I should not be swayed by this cosmetic aspect in my decision in who to go with, but it would be rather nice to save my full head of hair. Has anyone else had a surgeon who didn’t shave their head for the surgery?

I had two surgerys and did not have my head shaved either time.

Ah Wendy...I had shaving wasn't an issue...however, I lost some hair after the Neurosurgeons said for the most part they only shave area they are working on if clipping is the long run...even though we are women and hair is so much apart of does grow back...

Keep us posted...Gotcha in my Thoughts and Prayers....Colleen

I had a clipping in Feb. I had long hair. My decision was to shave it off for two reasons. First, I didn’t want to deal with hair and dried blood in it, not being able to wash it for a bit was just a put off for me. lol Secondly, it actually helped me to prepare myself emotionally and mentally for the surgery. My feelings were, it’s hair, it will grow back and yes it did. I just found it much easier to cope with after surgery is all. I guess for me, cosmetics weren’t an issue in the least. My focus was getting better and while my hair was growing back, I wasn’t going out dancing or to parties I was recovering and so did my hair! lol I will say this though, it takes guts to do it so it’s something that you may need to really think about either way. I also felt that keeping that area as clean as possible was extremely important, not as easy to do with long hair and just a strip shaved off for the incision.

Wendy, I have long hair...

I did NOT shave... And I'm so very happy I didnt.. You cant even see the scar, Yes it's was a bit messy after, but as soon as you take a shower and wash your hair it's all gone.. For me the thought of shaving my hair made me very very sad..

I'm HAPPY with how everything went..

Hang in there, your in gods hands and he will make everything alright..


When I had my surgery, it was on an emergency basis , so shaving or not wasn’t an option given to me . When I finally came around after , I still had all my hair (which is long ) except at the site of the incision. To look like me when everything inside me felt like a stranger helped . I don’t know why but it did . So I guess if I had a choice , and it wouldn’t effect me medically , I know how the silly thing of seeing my hair after helped me feel .

you just might get a harline shave like i did and now my hair hides it all. I was clipped .

It’s a personal issue and you are the only one that can answer this one. I’m glad I did it and others are glad they didn’t. If your hair is really important to you, then I would go with not shaving. I think maybe where the incision would be would also help you to decide. Good luck!