Craniotomy scheduled for Thurs Feb.3rd

Hi everyone, thought I would pass along my latest update. I"ve been reading the posts and hearing how scared some individuals are with not knowing what procedure to have. Clipping vs. Coiling. I first just want to say that , I'm so very sorry that you are being faced with that decision. I was lucky (I guess) that I didn't have any options other than clipping. My surgeon does both procedures and he said if he had his way, he would be coiling but that isn't possible. Apparently it will take 2 or 3 clips to deal with this and even then he said, due to the complexity of it, the aneurysm wont be completely oblitereated. He has to leave a 'buffer' on top of the middle cerebral artery in order to save it. The aneurysm is affecting 3 arteries.

I go in next Thurs Feb.3rd and I know you've all heard this before but yes, I'm scared but it has to be done. I feel like I"ve gone through one phase of this nightmare and now I'm beginning to walk through the next door again, with just as much uncertainty as I had at the very beginning of all this.

The right side of my head will be shaved, so I've decided to shave all of my hair off. It's coming off today at 11:00a.m. It's long and I don't need to be fighting with that and maybe it will lower the chance of infection or whatever. None the less, it's hair and it will grow back.

So there it is and I hope everyone is doing as best as they can...think of you all often. Hugs


I think shaving all of your hair off will actually look better than only half of your hair shaved. I think that’s a smart idea. But, I’ll tell you, coming from a bald man, on the cold days - wear a hat. :slight_smile: Good luck on the surgery and my prayers are with you.


You have ever right to feel what you must feel...

Know that you have my Prayers and Well~wishes...

Cyber ~ Hugs your way...! Colleen


So glad your decision has been made, regardless of the reason. Your neurosurgeon's explanation seems so clear for you. Best to get it done, before any ruptures or any more growth, especially when affecting other arteries. A great idea to have your hair is one less thing to have to do when beginning your healing process.

Hugs and Prayers to you,


Good luck Tina!!! Wish there was something that we all could do to make it less scare for you. Hope for a speedy recovery. Margaret

you go gurl! your strength and confindence in your drs along with the procedure going well is going to make all the difference in your recovery,i pray that all goes well and recovery will be a smooth road back to the new you,which is going to be absolutely wonderful,remember to take it slow and easy and not to rush anything,it will all come in good time…stay strong and i will keep you in my prayers…God bless

Thanks everyone. :-) I've been very blessed with such a loving group (family & friends) for my support system. I think that is the most important thing to have in place during a time like this.

My hair has been shaved off and yes, I was in a little shock but my regular hairdresser was absolutely wonderful. certainly have no complaints at all. My husband, family , friends...again, right there and so supportive. This was my first step in beginning to prepare myself and I'm glad I took it.

You all have been wonderful as well and I thank each and everyone of you that have helped me along the way to this point. I was a little bit of a basket case in the beginning and for quite some actually lol but I have a strange sense of calmness right now. And I'll take that any time it wants to present itself to me. :-) I hope this is normal though and that there isn't any underlying stuff going on that will rear it's ugly head the closer my surgery date gets.

I'm going to be okay and I know it. Recovery will happen and an even better life than the one I'm about to leave behind, will be mine for the taking very soon.

Love and hugs to you all and thank you so much for caring enough to write. You made me smile. :-)


I've actually decided to remove myself from this site. I find that I receive all that I need from all of the people in my life. So please take care of yourselves. Stay strong and everything will be ok. We all have battles, fears and we all have pain but we all will soon look at this and smile because we made it through... because of our strength. I have my road ahead beginning Thursday but it's just another step closer to a wonderful life. :-)

Love, best wishes and prayers to each and every one of you....stay strong, positive and most importantly, believe in yourselves that you will get through this because you will. :-)

Take care and many thanks....


Ty Ben…I"ve noticed just how much my hair kept me warm already! lol

Ty Pat…you’ve been a wonderful supporter on here. Hugs

Ty Margaret, I’ll do just fine. :slight_smile: All the best to you.

Hugs Michelle! :slight_smile:

You are one of the best Colleen, stay just the way you are! Hugs for you too. :slight_smile:

My aneurysm was also uncoilable and was clipped. It was also a two clip job and I went the day before and had my hair buzzed off. So we have a lot in common. I’m fine now and I’m sure you will be too.

Tina… I’m confused. I understand taking a break form the site but, to remove yourself completely - I don’t get. None the less - Good Luck with the surgery and get well soon. :slight_smile:

Tina...Your post...gave me so much will be sure to take care of YOU...and the rest will come...

You will be missed...but Good Luck and I so ya Colleen

Ben, I know it's seems strange. For some reason, I'm feeling stronger than I have ever been since my diagnosis yet, I'm facing the scariest part on Thursday. I don't know how to explain this calmness, a sense of real peace that I'm feeling right now. I don't know Ben, maybe I'm some place that's new and foriegn to me and I'm not yet understanding what is going on within myself. Therefore, I'm feeling like I can take on the world because in the end, it will just be me fighting this battle ahead. Please..., if you can offer any insight as to why I am suddenly feeling this way, I am open to hearing from you.

I don't want to name names etc, but I've also not found much support here. I tried very hard to support others and yet, now it's my turn and how many have responded? I'm not throwing a temper tantrum, I've now just learned from being here and reading the minimal responses that I need support and this isn't the place to find it necessarily. I'm doing fine but a few more good lucks would have maybe made me feel that yes, these people do care. Please dont take any of this's just how I feel and as we all know we have our ups and downs and right now I'm heading to 'that place' that so many have talked about and supported others through. For a support site, I didn't ever think I would feel like just another number and get in line at a time like this. I know, whatever this mind set is , I dont understand really.

Tina, I understand it now. I just hate to see you go.

As far as you feeling a sense of calmness - I had to chuckle at that one. I'm not laughing at you, honest. You reminded me of myself. When I was finally scheduled for radiation, I felt the same way. I think what it is, we get so stressed through the whole proccess of seeing doctors, getting one test done after another. That when we finally get a diagnosis and a 'plan' to help us, that we feel relieved. We finally have a plan and hope, that we are going to get better! Kind of like "the calm after the storm"

I would like you to email me of how you are doing and how your sugery went. I know you are going to have a bumpy road ahead of you but, Im confident you will get through it. Yea, I know. We never met but, I can tell a lot about you by how you write. My prayers are with you, my friend

:-) I will do that, actually...thank you and I will definitely do that.

Hugs and gratitude to you my friend.


Yes I definitley will be…thanks Thomas. :slight_smile: