do you get your hair shaved off for the surgery.I have long hair and if they are gonna shave it that I will cut it short before my surgery on the 28th of Julu,

I had my surgery on June 8th and after I was put under, they shaved the area on the left side of my head where the incision was done.

thank you so much I just wanted to know if I should I needed to cut my hair off. Thanks and how is your surgery going from the time you did look great.

I ruptured on Thanksgiving Day - no recall about anything for about 5 days - they shaved a 1 inch wide strip for the incision - came from the center of my forehead up and then curled around back beind my left ear - a “c” shape. Then I had cleaming gold staples! I eventually cut some long bangs to help transition the regrowth - and I still have issues with it sticking up on the top of my head - its probably 2 inches long at this point - don’t care much - it makes me remember…Good luck to you.

I am glad to hear of your recovery and I agree it is the last of my worries,right now the count down of days is the hardest thanks,I am glad things went well for you

I’m doing very well. THe first few weeks were tough but now I’m just a little tired and waiting for my hair to grow back. lol I’ve had my check up and am returning to work on the 26th. Good luck to you, you will get through it

I had my surgery Feb 26th this year, my head was only shaved along the hairline, since then I had had five ins cut off as it’s too heavy, putting it in a ponytail hurts as it pulls & wearing it down in this heat is not my idea of fun!!!
Good luck with your surgery

I had my surgery on Feb 23rd and my neurosurgeon did not shave my head (not even a inch wide strip along the incision). You should be able to ask your surgeon or his/her staff. Before my surgery I just assumed that they would have to shave my head to do the procedure, but the assisting neurosurgeon informed me that my dr didn’t see any need to do that (though the assisting dr said he personally preferred it, as it made it easier to close the incision). Even if you surgeon doesn’t shave your head, I would go ahead and get a hair cut, just because, I assure you, you won’t want anyone coming near your head with sharp objects again for a while after the surgery. It’s not that it hurts that bad, but the area is fairly tender for a while after. I’ve only had 1 hair cut since my surgery in Feb. I’m only recently able to stand putting my hair up in a pony tail. Hope this helps and good luck with your surgery. :slight_smile:

thanks I am somewhat worried about the long hair even for if its to heavy, or painful,I hear alot that is is to tender to pull up.And things as you said.Hope your recovery continues to do well,keep in touch.

thanks so much for your advise,I am surre that makes since the heaviness on the head are.hope you do well asnd things continue to get better thanks for all your support.

They shaved the side of my head, from the middle of my forehead back around the left side, about a 2 inch strip. My hair was around shoulder length at the time, and by the time I was allowed out of bed and could wash my hair (about a week later) I had a tangled knot at the back of my head the size of a baseball, and I almost wished they HAD shaved it all off! If your hair is very long and heavy you might want to cut it a bit shorter for convenience, but don’t go too short that you have nothing to work with later. When I was ready to return to work 3 months later, my hair stylist was actually able to create a sort of short layered bob with a “comb-over” that hid the mangy-looking growing in hair on that side of my head. :slight_smile: Good luck with your surgery!

thanks my hair is to the middle of my back all one length.So I can imagine how hard it would be to wash it while being long after the surgery,and the length of it pulling on the part of my surgery,I will keep you in touch and my husband is Douglas Love if I cannot he says he will write all of you.You are all great people and so much I never thought I would need help to deal with this you have all helped me so much.I am greatful to be a part of this foundation.My surgery is on the 28th.

I hope you didn’t cut your hair off for your surgery. We always joked around about “Comb Overs” but it has made a difference for me. My head was shaved on the right side from mid forehead to above ear. My hair was long enough to comb over. My surgery was in March and now my hair is about 2 inches long. Headbands work great when it is spiky and won’t lay down. :slight_smile: I was also told to take prenatal vitamins to get it to grow quickly. Believe in Comb Overs !

please talk with your doctor or someone on his staff. I was told i would not lose my hair. He simply took a slight thin amount of hair off where scare was and i cut my longer hair short prior just to be prepared and to have it done on my terms, I so wish i never had. He took such a small thin amout out, and all i want after surgery was to be my old self…please call

Hello my name is Felicia and I too had long hair and I did have to get my hair cut off-i mean they only shaved one side so-it only made since that once I got out of the hospital -i had my friend just wack it all off-but it has grown back alot. I haven’t made up my mind wether to keep the short look-just remember-YOU are still here-your hair will grow back!!!

Yea me too-my old self!

I cut mine off to after my surgery My hair grows fast but everyone likes it short so I am not sure if I will let it grow back out either.

Yes, sILVER bELLE had her very long hair cut…actually shave bald on one side. However I am 57 & have kept it short, The hair (finally) grew back & covered the bald spot. I DO keep it high lighted however. marianne_39506 @ htm. Alden Pointe Assisted Living, Hattiesburg, MS (oh. #2 Courtland drive.