For those of you who have responded to my previous posts, thanks so much. My daughter had the apt today with the neurosurgeon and she liked him very much. He answered all her questions, explained the different types of treatment with the pros/cons. He told her the aneurysm was behind her right eye and is 8mm. He wants her to have a MRA which is scheduled for 1/08 and then they will meet again. He believes that a coiling treatment will be best. Of course, as her Mother, I am worried and nervous and scared. I know you understand. Your postings and comments steady me, at least for a short time.


Mary - I have had the coiling on my 7.3 mm ruptured aneurysm & a smaller unruptured one. I am 58 & prior to the aneurysm rupturing was in pretty good shape health wise. Since the coiling I have not had any bad headaches. I have had some vertigo &. short term memory issues. Overall I am very blessed. I will keep you and your daughter in my thoughts & prayers. Keep us posted.

Hey Mary,

Good news that all was well with the Neurosurgeon today, and of course you're a nervous wreck, what mom wouldn't be ? TRy to relax and take a deep breathe Mary, it'll help soothe your daughters nerves to see you enjoying the holidays along side her and the family..

Peace, Janet

Thank you, you're most kind. To watch my child (adult 'tho she is) go through this is much scarier thank anything I myself have ever had to go through. There is a saying that "fear and faith" can't live in the same house, nonsense!! Fear is behind every corner and every ring of the phone.


Thanks, Janet!


So Happy Mary the appointment went well...try and enjoy the Holiday season for Daughter...and all...Merry Christmas ... ~ God Bless to all...Have you in my Thoughts ~ Colleen