Surgery scheduled

Saw my neurosurgeon today. Showed me the results of the angio for my 3 aneurysms and avm. He explained my options to me and answered all of my many questions. He feels surgically removing the avm first is my best option because he feels it is feeding one of the aneurysms and he thinks removing it will make the aneurysm shrink in size. I will still need to have at least one of them coiled and stented at a later date. Although I'm scared to death of this operation, just the thought of them going through my skull into my brain, he assures me the risks involved are low and he thinks the outcome will be positive. Praying he's right. Surgery scheduled for Wednesday, June 27. He says I should only have to spend a few days in the hospital but I will be off work for at least 4 weeks......hope not much more than that.

hi Cheryl-We are praying also-glad your surgeon gave you a positive outlook-thanks for sharing- keep us posted & keep the faith & think good positive thoughts

Good luck to you Cheryl. I had the PED last week and am leaving for vacation on Saturday for a month. Feel great. First 4 days were not so good..stay under the covers with tylenol and adivan! Denise

Had one of my aneurysms coiled on July 2nd. (The other is a "watch and wait") While I was in the hospital, well after the procedure, I developed a fever, had a little trouble breathing and had some very mild headaches. The nursing staff was right on top of things and had me feeling better in a matter of hours. Was home by 7:00PM on July 4th and have felt almost 100% ever since. For those with upcoming procedures, I hope you have as little trouble as I had. Have faith and trust in the professionals who are there to be sure you are given the best of care. You are all in my prayers!! Just want to add that Dr. Malek at Tufts Medical Center in Boston was wonderful! Given how good I feel, I owe it all to him, his team and the nursing staff. Wishing the best to you all!!

That's good news Joan! I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday and am scheduled for an angiogram August 24th. I have a size 4mm near my left ear close to the scalp. I'm getting the impression he wants to clip it sooner rather than later. My blood pressure is so high when I go to the Doctors office. It's always good when I take it at home, I guess I have white coat symdrome. I hope and pray I recover as well as you did when it comes time to have the surgery. Thanks for your input.

Hi Bonnie! Thanks for your response. The angiogram isn't a really big deal, except that you have to lay flat for 4 hours after the procedure. Can be rough on the back, but that could have just been me. I'm sure others have said the same thing, but it really helps to keep the most positive attitude you can muster! Many people were saying prayers for me, including those on this website. For me, this was very comforting and helped keep me in reasonably good spirits prior to the actual procedure. You are definitely going to be in my prayers, try to stay positive, and most importantly, I wish you an easy and quick recovery. Have faith...Joan