My Mama's Story continues 12/18/2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011 3:50 PM, CST
written by Linda Koch

Moving on up!!
Great news! Mom had her drain taken out @ 10:30AM yesterday. She has been tolerating this pretty well. The Physical therapists had her up sitting the chair 1 hour at a time once in the morning and once in the afternoon yesterday. Mom continues her antics by telling dad very softly to "shut up" as he was talking to her and trying to help her cover up but then later she was puckering up for a big kiss. She was stable throughout the night. Dr H was here this morning and they took the rest of the stitches out of her head where the drain was. He said it's time to move her out of ICU so probably figure on moving out tomorrow. They said the ICU is for sick people. So I take that as a very GOOD sign. She's been sleeping alot today. Dr H wants to get her moving so she will be working with the Physcial Therapists twice a day- hope they are ready for her ;o). They will take another CT of the brain on Monday morning to make sure everything is progressing as they think it should. If not, Dr H said they might have to put the permanent shunt in. So we will definitely know more on Monday. This is Linda signing off from the ICU Guest Room....Thanks for joining us and don't forget to sign the guest book. It's so great to hear the encouraging words and I'm sure as soon as mom can, she will want to read them too

I am here at the hospital today, Mama has talked a bit more today than all of yesterday my Dad says,she still seems to be in quite a bit of pain, gonna be hanging here w/Dad for the bigger part of the week , Was hoping to have her home for christmas but i just don't know if that is gonna be possible, time will tell, All for now Mark

Step ~ by ~ Step...

Remember Christmas is where the Family Is...

This is good news indeed and makes my heart feel better...

Gotcha all in my Prayers...Colleen


Merry Christmas to you and all your family for your mama's recovery, regardless of her location on Christmas Day...

Mark, I get on / off this site (adjusting for my limitations) and, I have not read your background here; i.e. the length of recovery, whether clip or coil, etc. Please forgive me for that.

Hugs and prayers to all you


Prayers are very powerful Colleen as you know and I just want to

thank you for being one of the most positive and caring person

I have ever known God Bless

Merry Christmas back to you and yours also ,She had a rupture on !!-29

and had the coil procedure done , She has been in ICU since then and

just today got moved out of ICU and to her own room (: