Mothers Health

Hi All,

This is salvationannie's daughter. I apologize for the worry or concern that was caused from my Mothers last posting. She is indeed receiving thorough treatment and care from a team of skilled professionals. We were informed at her appointment on 11/27 that during surgery her frontal lobe was cut through. This has caused her reasoning and reactions to be altered. She is not able to deduce the meaning of anything, long or short term; and her emotions are greatly effected. One of the main functions of the frontal lobe is the ability to recognize a future consequence from a current action. This is a struggle for her currently, as she is unaware that her upright position or fast motion will cause pain in the near and far future. Imagine being unable to process the emotions that your body is producing, yet you know they are present. This is what Sal is currently experiencing. The inability to understand her pain and exhaustion has caused frustration which leads to yet another emotion that her brain must work to recognize.

With all of these factors Sal is doing very well in her recovery. She is able to speak in a way that is understandable. Her movement is not unstable; she is walking up and down staircases and through the household daily. Like every recovery it is a matter of gaining back the strength and health that was previously present. It is a process, but in God's time and by His Grace Sal will be healed.


Hello Jessie

I must say, i'm sitting here in front of my a reading your post has got to be about the last thing i expected to read about your mother's recovery....Thru my tears all I can say is please keep a close eye on your momma...I'm sure this isn't easy for any of you.

Huggs and Peace,


Ah Jessie...Thank you kindly for your concern...we are concerned about your mom and all of you looking after her...but it is good that she has a great team like you watching out for her...please know she remains always in my prayers~ Colleen

thank you Jessie please let her know we are pulling and praying for her~~~

Jessie, Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about this complication. We are thinking of your mom and the fam as you guys go through this rough patch. Prayers lifted up for all of you!


Jessie, thank you so much for updating us. I have been so worried about her. I pray for all of you as you care for her. Thank God she has a great family and team if doctors to care for her.
God bless you all,
~ Carol

Thank you Jessie for posting this - I have been worried every single day about what's happened to her! I am saddened to hear of her complications, but I am glad she has good care. Please tell her we all are pulling for her and can't wait for her to come back and visit!