My Mama' Story/ journal entry by my Sis

Monday, December 12, 2011 9:24 PM, CST


written by Linda Koch

This last weekend we had a great couple days of having mom back with us for some short conversations, a couple hugs, smiles and her blowing kisses. However, reality came back to us yesterday when they clamped off the shunt to see how mom's body absorbed the remaining fluid around her brain. Mom was very uncomfortable with headaches and eye pain yesterday as well as through the night. They kept her pretty well medicated throughout the day today too. So no more conversations or glimpses of mom. Dad (Paul) learned tonight from Dr Hirschl, the wonderful Neurosurgeon who was the doctor for mom's surgery, that they are going unclamp the shunt and will aggressively try to drain as much fluid from around the brain area as possible tonight and into tomorrow. If all goes well they will try to clamp off the shunt again tomorrow night and again see how her body reacts. Dr Hirschl said time is running out for them to either take the shunt out or put a permanent shunt in that will drain into mom's abdominal cavity due to high risk of infection. He told Dad that this is a journey so you have to measure how she's doing by the weeks not day to day. She's going to have ups and downs but overall the weeks have been very promising. We just have to have patience and put mom's care into God's hands

This is so true is a long journey...and sometimes just the littlest things are great things after a rupture...Prayers and Love are big...and that my dear your family seems to have alot of for eachother and mom...


thank you colleen very very much

yes it is good to know that,thank you sooo much, i guess not experiencing anything of this magnitude before,it is so scary looking any direction but straightforward for me and i am sure for my family also,and the support is very helpful and gives me much hope,thanks again sue

Mark, I had a ruptured annie back in May 2010 and my Doc put in a shunt within a few days. They did monitor the fluid for those few days and then made the decision to put it in permanently. I have not had any problems since. Pretty common I think to have this done when excess fluid is produced. Good luck to your Mom.


Mark My rupture was June 2007. Ten days after they put in the permanent shunt. My family said that made all the difference for me. I was not able to tolerate it when they clamped the temporary one. It is over four years and I usually forget I even have it. If that is what she needs don’t worry, it will be ok. Good luck to your Mom and hang in there. She is so lucky to have a supportive family, that is a blessing. Keep us posted on her progress. When was her rupture?

her rupture was on 11-29 shelly thank you so much ,the support is much appreciated , That reminds me I never did put the first part of my Mama's story on here ,but I will as of now that may help everyone as to seeing where we are at

Part 1 of my Mama's Story : On 11/29/11 Verna was at her grandson Kyle's basketball game in Indianola. She wasn't feeling very well so her son Scott helped her out of the crowd & called 911. The ambulance took her to Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines where they discovered bleeding on her brain because she had a Cerebral Aneurysm burst. On Thurs. morning she had Endovascular Coiling Surgery which was a success. She is in recovery and progress is going well.

Thank You Tom for the positive feedback, Never being through something like this before it is so nice to have people that care and assist you , God Bless You