"My little situation"

First, Thank you Moultraub, You request of sharing my story actually is making me feel better. I guess, just speaking to other people who have any idea of what it’s like to go through this is healing in some sort of way?! I have written and re-written a draft of this post quite a few times, to try to get rid of misspelling, grammar, and to get my thoughts in order.
Well, My story starts on my mandatory staycation from my previous employer. I was 2 days into my days off and was knocking down my honey-do list quite well. My thunderclap hit me as I was stepping out of the shower and dropped me to my knees. I have NEVER felt anything like it before and pray that I never feel that amount of pain again. It felt as if my skull was being pulled apart from the inside. I yelled and my wife came to my rescue. I’m not the type to raise my voice (at least, I wasn’t the type).She is a R.N. (Thank You, LORD!) (20 yrs) and kept her calm composure. Me, being the stubborn and tough oilfield guy, told her that I just needed to lie down and rest, maybe just a nap. She being my better and smarter half, looked into my droopy face and wanted to take me into the emergency department. I was not going to sit in the E.D. for hours just because of a headache! We discussed (see argued) until I gave in to an Urgent Care location instead of the E.D. When we arrived, the on call physician just looked at my wife and asked if she wanted to drive me to the E.D. or should he call an ambulance? She chose the ambulance. No memory of the EMT’s arrival or getting the C.T. scan at the local E.D., just remember opening my eyes and my wife and some family there. The E.D. doctor came in with the CT films, looked at my wife and said “Ma’am, he has a bleed.” she asked what side and he responded “both.” I remember looking at her and saying “OK, now I’m scared.” I could not be flown to New Orleans from my town, they were concerned about the air pressure. So, I had my 2nd ambulance ride of the evening. Don’t remember either of them! Actually, I don’t remember the next seven days. I know I was admitted to Ochsner I.C.U. where I would spend the next 30 or so days, That first week cannot be found in my memory banks. I have been told that I spoke with family and staff, but some of my answers to questions were way off base. “Do you know where you live?” my answer was some town that no one had heard of. I knew who my wife was (good thing for me!!!). I was asked if I knew where I was at that time and my response was that I was at work and if the 3 guys in the white coats (1 doctor and 2 interns) didn’t let me get my job done, I was gonna put them to work and I would guarantee that their coats wouldn’t stay clean! The one definitive thing that I vividly remember, is the feeling of the lumbar puncture. WOW! Felt like a railroad spike! From what I can understand, I began having vasospasms before I became coherent enough to remember people. I know I had 3 angiograms but only remember the last one. I was told that the SAH that I had spontaneously erupted and for whatever reason stopped on its own. THe neuro folks could not pin point where the rupture was (the general area was at the base of my skull) and could not identify why it started or stopped. The vasospasms continued and then the salt-wasting syndrome kicked in. 4 salt tablets 3 times daily. Everything tasted like a mouthful of salt, even the chocolate pudding tasted like salt. The vasospasms would bring me to the edge of tears. Sometimes my headaches, still do. After my 30+ days in ICU and 2 weeks in a standard room, I was discharged to home. Rest was the main ingredient along with pain meds, anti-seizure meds, blood pressure meds… I honestly was oblivious to the severity of “my little situation”. My wife noticed the mood and personality changes, I was only focused on my short-comings. At one time I would read constantly, now I’m lucky to be able to concentrate on a book for more than 5 minutes.
Well there is still more to my “little situation”, however I am beginning to lose concentration and getting a bit dizzy. Thank you all for being here and I hope I haven’t bored anyone.


Jerry, you did a great job sharing your story. It made me wonder if being obstinate is a precursor for a rupture…

Don’t push too hard or it’ll knock you back down as you probably already know. Don’t forget to push or your brain won’t reconnect pathways. Experiencing a SAH is humbling to say the least.

I’m surprised they didn’t air lift you. Helicopter rides are pretty common for us in rural areas.

You are so correct about vasospasms being painful. Did you still have them on occasion after you left the hospital?

Hug your wife and family, they deserve it!


Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think it takes a lot of courage but also hopefully feels liberating. I think it’s tremendous that you still have a sense of humor. I laughed out loud when you said it was good you still remembered your wife. Haha. Your story is really incredible and I wish you all the best moving forward.


Thank you so much for sharing your story. The day you posted it, April 1st, is the anniversary day of my rupture. Some April Fools joke huh!?! 18 years so far!
I’ve never felt pain like that before either and never want to again, as well. I had to choke down salt pills for months after my bleed, bluegch!! I feel your pain!!
You are going to hear this phrase over and over, “just take it one day at a time”. For most of us…it sometimes needs to be “one minute at a time”.
You and your wife will be in my thoughts daily. My better half has been my inspiration and is the reason I have fought so hard to stay here.
Take care of you,


I actually got the helicopter ride! Not how I wanted to take my first one, but I was completely awake for the entire ride! LOL! Not one doctor or EMT could believe I was commenting on seeing the sights…I read my medical records and they mentioned “it is inexplicable how this patient is lucid and talkative throughout” they just don’t know me. I was in a helicopter and didn’t believe I was sick. I was thinking of how expensive the bill would be for a helicopter ride. I was so concerned about it, I thought I was being treated by some country doctors who were going to overcharge me for something they were just making up, because they never really saw very many people, very often. Well I did live in Oklahoma. Does that explain it? I am glad you all are well-and it feels great to share with people who understand!

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I’m envious, they kept knocking me out on the ride.

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It is truly AMAZING to share with people who truly understand! I would try to explain to family and friends but they can only understand just so much. Quick question for anyone, Does anyone still have headaches after a prolonged time period? My SAH was 8/9/11 and I still have a daily headache. The intensity varies depending on the location. I have people tell me that I can’t still have headaches.
Prayers to ALL!!


I can just see many members roll their eyes when they read this, try to drink more water, really. Also go to a neurologist to see if you’re having some type of migraines.

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