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Hello! Thought I would introduce myself. I stayed up until 1 in the morning to read all the informative posts! I am so relieved there is this haven for us to come to and laugh, cry, and hope together. This has definitely been a roller coaster event in my life.

On December 27, 2011, I was driving to work. As I crossed a set of railroad tracks a pain so intense struck me. I remember thinking "holy crap" (use the other word) and putting my hand to my forehead. I have never felt anything so intense in my life (other than a kidney stone maybe). I don't remember much after the railroad crossing though. Next thing I know is someone is talking by the door of my truck and I opened my eyes. I didn't move my head because my head was still in great pain, but my foot felt like it was on fire. As I looked straight ahead I saw branches. I remember thinking "I am alive."

The good samaritan is on the phone with 911. when he got off, I asked him to call my husband and proceeded to tell him the number. Fire dept came (they were less than a mile away) and extracted me from the truck. That was painful because of my foot feeling like it was on fire.

I kind of remember my husband showing up in the back of the ambulance - but he had to get out and go to meet me at the hospital. I remember them telling me they were aircasting/splinting my foot and then they proceeded to give me some pain meds. I was out like a light.

I am lucky they chose the hospital they did. It was the third one they picked. This hospital has some well-known neurologists. I am thankful everyday that they sent me there. All I remember of the ER was them say "Amy, we are giving you the flu shot, okay?" That is it. I woke up two days later. My mom told me that the first day I was crying and saying I wanted to see my kids grow up. It was hard for her to hear me talking like that. My husband was asked if I had a will - not sure if that is standard or not - but he freaked out - I am thankful his sister was there for him at the hospital.

They coiled my aneurysm. The doc told me I had an awful one in that my bump had a bump so it looked like a heart. So I always think I have a heart of titanium in my forehead. One was leaking/burst and the other had not. I don't know the sizes or anything - haven't really looked. They believe mine was a rare occurrence and maybe caused by an infection; although, they are not sure what type or kind of infection (greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat). They are not worried about any of my family members being scanned because the one I had doesn't follow the pattern. My mom did get scanned though and there is nothing. I believe my brother will to as well to double check. I worry a small bit about my kids, but will see how that goes.

I spent almost two weeks in ICU before going home. I had to have a blood transfusion as well. My foot ended up being dislocated, so I had to have a cast for 5 weeks. I have more trouble from that than anything else right now.

My days are up and down on how emotional I get.

Hello Amy and welcome. My name is Deanna. Here’s the short version of my story. Doctor found unruptured aneurysm in 2008. Still watching and waiting. Having MRA in June and then have to decide what to do.
Glad your okay.
Have a blessed day,

Amy; welcome; glad to know your family has been, is getting checked.

You were so blessed by your good samaritan to be there in your blessed.

I am a survivor; many of us have same/ similar and so different aneurysm locations, treatments, recoveries.

Prayers for your continued recovery.


welcome you will find just what you need here.

Hi Amy,

Wow! You really had an experience there. Welcome to the BAF :-)

Having emotional days are normal experiences. After all that it's so great to hear that what your having the most trouble with is your foot. Take one day at a time, it does get better or so they tell me. :-)

T&P (thoughts & prayers)


Welcome Amy,

Your a survivor.....Emotional days are common...and it really hasn't been that long for you.

Take it one day at a kind to yourself and rest when your body tell you it needs....

In my prayers,


Hi Amy and welcome to BAF, Jill xxxx