My "Fun and Games"

I was attending College in Central Illinois at the time. I was 20. Thanksgiving break was the following day, Family lived in the Chicago Burbs. I had no prior history of problems of this magnitude. I first had eye trouble. Pupil's had dilated suddenly and the sunlight coming thru the windows was Blinding. Made it to my apartment and took a small nap. went to work at a store.(job) Things were ok. Had a blind date that night with another couple. Thats when I lyhad an apparent rupture. Felt like I was hit in the side of my head with a sledge hammer. The "fun"

had begun. Alot happened that night, not important. Following day I drove back to the family home for Thanksgiving. Only to have a appointment with a close friends family Dr. He asked questions and gave me a checkup. He than told me I had 3 hours to get to a Hospital for more tests. That night I had another attack. They keeped me heavily sidated for a week. had a 8 hr

surgery, took a 3-4 inch in diameter of the left side of my head. Had a pool of blood the size of a adult hand. AVM the size of a "new" dollar coin. Had about 26 clips put lost 35lbs

during those 4 weeks. caught a staph infection in that location and spent a total of about

10 more weeks trying to battle that. I had lost some Memory, had to learn how to talk, walk.

I was down to 165lbs for a person that was 6'2".

I am about 98% back after 3 years. I am on Meds for some post problems but other wise,

(outside if the dent in the head) I'm doing quite well. Was told I was VERY LUCKY, First patient to recover this well. Made it by the skin of my teeth. Hope this helps someone

This upbeat and positive stories are very inspiring...~

Thanks for sharing Stephen...

Enjoy the Day ~ Colleen

Wow… This is incredible. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m glad to hear that you’ve made a strong recovery. God works miracles! Take care of yourself, and thank you, again.

Hi Stephen,

What a fantastic story. Thanks be God for your miraculous recovery

Take care. Wishing you all the best.


Wow, Stephen, you have really been through it. I am so glad you made such a strong recovery. Thank you for sharing your story.