My 2mm aneurysm couldn't be coiled

Hi again -

I'm having a lot of anxiety about my 2mm aneurysm that my surgeon (literally one of the top in the country) could not coil despite trying very hard. He was able to coil and stent a larger one, and the stent also covered the opening of a 1.5mm one, but this 2mm one is on the other side of the brain, and it was his priority given that the larger one was in a safer area than this small one.

I have family history and multiple aneurysms, so the usual lower risk of small aneurysm rupture does not apply to my small one - it's still risky.

I'm going to get another opinion with another top (country/world) surgeon (I'm lucky I live in LA) on Thursday next week, and will bring all my scans and records. So I'm both relieved that someone else will look at this and maybe give me more information about risk, their take on treatment approach, etc, but also of course somewhat anxious to hear what they have to say.

Anyway - question - have others of you had 2mm aneurysms successfully treated? And for those w/ multiple and/or family history, what is your understanding of risk of these small ones?


I'm a month past surgery and feeling lots and lots better, but still can get hit w/ feeling really exhausted.

Hope all of you are well, and thanks for the feedback and support.


Good Morning Jennifer.
I can’t answer your question about 2mm aneurysms being treated but I can tell you this. I don’t have permission to tell you names. A friend of mine went to a neurosurgeon who could not help her. He sent her to another neurosurgeon, who also could not help her. So she went to a third physician and facility (top in the country) who made an attempt to coil her aneurysm but it was unsuccessful. Recently she went to Dr. Rosenwasser @ Jefferson who took care of this aneurysm. Finally successful treatment. So please try to relax (I know that this is easier said than done) and take a deep breath because one surgeon may not be able to help you but another will. Like you we too are very fortunate because we live in an area where we have some of the best neurosurgeons in the country. I wish you the best on Thursday. You have some information about yourself now that you have already seen a physician. So go to your appointment on Thursday as prepared as possible. Personally I get out a tablet and write all my questions so I don’t forget anything. I always asks the risks involved. Then I make a list on paper of the pros and cons so I can review things visually. You can even ask your doctor to copy you on his dictation so you can read it if you would like. I hope this helps. Keep us informed on how you make out. Take care.

Hi Jennifer,
Being in LA is really good, and as long as you have good insurance Dr want to see you. Good luck on Thursday. Lots of people are watching and want to how your appt goes, they may not write but new people like myself just read before I was able to write and open up. Light and prayers coming your way. Kim

Thank you so much for the support. It’s nice to feel that others are in the boat with me. My surgeon tried very hard, and he’s fantastic, but I do feel good about the choice to have another good surgeon review it all. Im picking up my records on monday from the hosp where I had surgery, so it will be interesting also to see those reports. I will keep you posted.
As for today - I’m in a great mood! Have mutlitple soccer games to attend (multiple kids!), and yesterdays horrific migraine is 90% gone to I’m feeling good and thankful!!! Have to hang on to these moments in the midst of this new uncertain anxiety-provoking terrain. And very thankful for you all and sending best wishes out there to everyone.
I used visualization last night - imagined my headache leaving my head (I swear i don’t spend my days praying to crystals or anything…) and I truly believed it helped. I went to a conference on visualization and pain mngmt (prior to knowing i had aneurysms ) and I know there is solid evidence that it can work. And I’m very willing to try anything - especially non-drug choices~
Good day to everyone,.

Hi I just found out this site. My husband has been diagnosed with brain aneurysm. As I recall I think is very little. I just want to know how to deal with him. How are his emotions, we have problems on communicating, and I don’t know if it could b related to his condition? I just needed someone to talk. Also, he suffers from blood clots and he takes coumadin.

I did mind - body meditation before my surgery and am convinced it helped.