2nd Opinion/Consultation Tomorrow- questions?

Hi everyone -

Tomorrow (Thurs) I'm going to see another neurosurgeon to have him review all my records and get his opinion and thoughts about my situation (sorry this is repetitve to those who've already endured reading my story...) I have 3 unruptured aneurysms. One was coiled and stented about 6 weeks ago, and the stent also covers the base of the smallest (3rd) aneurysm - that one was 1.5 mm and too small for coiling, but close enough to the larger one that the stent covers it. BUT the one my doctor was the most concerned about, based on location (plus I have family histroy and obviously multiple aneurysms, all of which increase rupture risk) he could not coil, despite trying very hard (and he's tops). It's only 2mm. His plan is watch and wait - I have follow up angio in 5 mos, then he recommends yearly (from the original surgery date) MRA's>

SO, for those of you who are more experienced than I am, I'm looking for advice on what to discuss with this second surgeon. I have all my own questions, but know that there's so much to think about, I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Curious to know what you think the most valuable and important questions and pieces of information are, especially when consulting with a second doctor.


Good luck on the consult. Sounds like a tough one. If the 2mm is too small to coil it could be too small to clip. I’m obviously not a doctor but if they 1-3 are really close how about option #3, bypass? Just run a detour past the entire bad stretch of road. Keep me/us posted

I always try not to tell my second opinion the first physician’s plan. I will tell the second doc all about me and what transpired just not the other doc’s plan. I like to bring the films / cd and have the doctor review them and then tell me his opinion. If this doc agrees to watch and wait see what his plan is for follow up. Good Luck.

Numbers 1 and 3 (I’ve numbered them!) are the close ones - #1 was 8x11 mm and was coiled and stented, and that 22mm stent covered #3, the 1/5mm one just above #1 - both on the right side of my brain.
#2 is flying solo on the left side - so the right side is taken care of, it’s just the one on the left.
I will be taking all my scans and records.
Have you gotten word yet?

That’s a very good idea. That way you are giving them the information but allowing them to draw their own conclusions.

Good Luck at the consultant today Jennifer..Your in my thoughts and prayers today.



It's Friday so how did it go?

I will write about it later when I have time, but it was a really good appt!!!

I'm running out the door to go help cook in my 7yr old son's classroom - going to have a great day and enjoy what life has to offer, which is lots.

Isn't living another day awesome!