Question about aneurysm

Does anyone know if a 4mm aneurysm is dangerous. I have a 10mm stented and coiled one in the right carotid opthalmic artery same area and I am concerned. Does anyone know what I should be asking the drs? I am still waiting for a call from them. Due to the holiday they are backed up is what I have been told. I am really worried. Should I be or am I just being over sensitive due to my last one? Thanks any info is welcome.

I just had one 8mm coiled and stented, but have a 2mm that they couldn’t coil (tried but couldn’t). Im now on the watch and wait plan, which scares me very much. I have a family history (my dad), so that’s one reason that my 2mm one is more worrisome statistically, but also I think they worry more about the small ones if you have multiple…but my guess is that the family history is the bigger risk to those small ones. My small one was actually my doctor’s bigger concern, but he just couldn’t coil it.
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I agree with Jennifer, size is not the only factor that has to be looked at. I have a history of both aneurysms and aneurysm rupture in my family. Both my mom and I have had ruptures, I survived, she did not. My neuro has indicated that any additional aneurysm, regardless of size will be operated on becuase of the history of rupture. If you haven’t had a rupture, your risk may not be the same. I think is prudent to take precautions but not to overly worry yourself because that just increases stress and raises blood pressure. Easy to say, harder to do, I know. But when they had identified a potential second aneurysm on my MRI back in August and my neuro appt was until late September (6 weeks), the advice was to keep the blood pressure down, stay hydrated, keep up my vitamin regimen, eat healthy, and don’t do any activities that rapidly raises your heart rate (e.g. bungee jumping).

The problem for me is that my doctor wanted to operate on my 2mm one, and tried hard to coil, but it was just too small, and also isn’t good to be clipped. So that’s scary. But I like reading Jim’s comment (below?) that he never really thinks of his one thats being watched and waited on. That’s where I’d like to be! It will be checked at my 6mos post-op angio, then yearly MRA’s — I’m certainly not at that calm place yet though!
Ive also been told to stay really hydrated, as dehdyration leads to thicker blood which is riskier for clot.
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Thank you all for your responses. I just got a call and I have to go drop off the cds and films of my MRA, MRI tomorrow. Dr. Rossenwaser would like to compare them from my other ones. He will look over all my info and let me know early next week what he would like to do. Waiting is something I am not good at, I guess like I tell my kids patience is a virtue. I will have to practice what I preach. LOL. I am scared.

Hello Tamara

I think that they all are dangerous when the reach 2 mm, but I am in the same boat as you I have multiple aneurysms as well and I just tried to have one coiled but it did not work so I am currently waiting til after the holidays to see the doctor as well, but I am having a lot of bad headaches with tremors that makes my body flinch. I had 8 but I have had one clipping, 2 coiling done this one is 4.97 mm and it is called a cerebral aneurysm which is one the base of my brain. The waiting is the worst part of the whole thing but I wish you luck and try to relax and not stress. You have a blessed day.


You mentioned "the family history is the bigger risk to those small ones." My Aunt had an aneurysm at 87 and died from it. Do you think this is still considered a risk factor?

i had a 5mm cerebral anny at the basilar tip of my brain rupture…with Gods grace on my life they were able to coil it and just went back for my annual mra and all i well in my cranium,if they are able to coil it with an angiogram, i would do it just to be safe,took me about 2 mo total to get where i was able to go back to work and return to normal activities…still get a lil fatigue every now and then but all in all life is great…thank you Lord…hope this helps…will keep you in my prayers

hi Thank you for your reply. They are watching and it is the worst part.I am really trying to be strong for the family but sometimes I rthink I could scream. I feel like sometimes the people on here are the only ones who truly understand how I feel. Thankyou for answering me and I will be sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Hane a good night and be strong we can conquer this obstacle in our lives. We just have to count on our prayers and our Drs.

Hi Tamara -

so the doctors have reviewed the films and have decided on the watch and wait approach? I couldn't quite tell what you meant, but I think you've had your appt by now...

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Hi Tamara: I know how you feel. The doc tells me my 2, 3mm brain annie’s are nothing to worry about, we’ll just check them with CTA @ 6months. He’s very good and thorough and I trust him but it’s a game of odds. My family/friends tell me it’s no biggie and everyone knows someone walking around with an annie and all is fine. I have to wonder if all would be fine if they were the ones with the annie’s? I’m not being cruel and I know they’re saying these things to make me feel better. I guess I just need to get over the shock and get on with my life. The doc says no limitations, nothing to do, just go to hospital if get a real bad headache. Even tho I have had a whopper for 20days I guess I’ll know if one of them ruptures as the headache will be unbearable. Good luck to you. Just know that what’s meant to be will be and enjoy your life!

Hi Mitch -

Did you have others that have been operated on? IF not, how did you find out about the 2 that you mentioned? I agree that it's easy for others to say all is fine and don't worry - I think that makes THEM not worry! But yes, if it's in your own head, it's a different experience. How far along are you in this process? It's all about 3mos old to me now - and am trying to live in the land of trust but it's hard - i think it's just still so recent for me.


Hi Jennifer:

I woke with a monster headache 12/23/10 that continued unil I visited my osteopath to work on my neck about 2 weeks later. I was useless during that time. Osteopath said drooping right eye, slurred speach, dizziness etc were not good signs along with the severe headache and referred me for immediate MRI/MRA which showed 1 annie. They said doesn't appear to be leaking so go home and be fine. Next day, a different neurosurgeon called me in and wanted CT angiogram as he suspected dissected carotid as well. That showed 2, 3mm unruptured annie's but carotid looked ok. Now because I still have the headache, they want a full angiogram next week. So, I really only found out about mine for sure on 1/7/2011. I guess I should be over it and not talk about it around family/friends because "I'm fine". It's nice to find this site, helps to communicate with others with similar issues. Interesting I found that families with PKD (polycystic kidney disease) which my family all has (except for me) have a much greater chance of having annie's. I was fortunate enough to avoid PKD and was able to donate a kidney to my awesome brother 2 years ago. Perhaps I got part of that gene after all!

I have a 4mm right paraopthalmic aneurysm, right at the carotid artery. We think it bled in 2007, although it did not rupture. It gave me terrible symptoms. Docs said they often let 4mm or smaller go untreated UNLESS you are young (I was only 28). If you are young they consider your risk over your lifetime to be higher and thus are more likely to treat. Also, in my case we decided to treat because my maternal grandfather died of a ruptured aneurysm. Most importantly, I was having those symptoms --terrible headache, neckache, etc. and that made us nervous.

So, I had a craniotomy and clipping done in March of 2008. Bummer for me is the neck of the aneurysm is very shallow and so they could not completely repair it. I got two clips and a "wrap" and the darn thing is still there. So I have to get regular angiograms for the rest of my life.

I wish you all the best!

I believe thta it depends on size, shape, and area of the opening of the annie. Good luck and keep us informed, you are at the right site for support during this time.


Can you please tell us the location of which artery(ies) are involved; i.e. the one coiled/stented and the one where the 2mm is located? Was the one treated,/ stented due to a wide-neck aneurysm?

Could a doctor have put in the new glue (Onyx?) vs the coil?