Monday 2/21/11 Another Coiling ~ Maybe

So Monday 2/21/11, I go in for my 3rd surgery. Suppose to fix the 4th of my 5 annies. That is if the first 3 are still doing ok. I’m getting so scared. I tell myself it wouldn’t be normal if I wasn’t scared. But all the what if’s are always bad things. How do I get over it? And doc said 3 to 5 days. Is that realistic for a scheduled coiling?

if u werent scared i think you would be a zombie…try to put your faith in God and trust that the drs are going to do everthing they can to make you better …im keeping you in my prayers for tranquility and a sound recovery…God bless


My hugs and prayers to you...


Tina, Will say a prayer that you will feel calm and comforted during your procedure. I don’t believe there is a normal in how many coils’ are inserted or the amount of annie’s-when it comes to this I don’t think anything is normal. But try to be strong and please let us know how it goes.

God Bless Sweetie....!

You got my poor thing...!

The wait is always this worse...

Sending Well~wishes and Cyber~hugs...Colleen

HI Tina -

I'm sending good thoughts and wishes your way. I'm sorry you have to go through more of this. I don't know if there's really a typical recovery time period, but I had a scheduled coiling and ended up feeling that the docs were a little too ambitious in their estimation of recovery time. But, I also was really anemic, and had a cold, so those things probably contributed to my recovery taking a little longer. Mostly I was just tired, and had some headaches. You may be fine after a week - I hope so!

Good good luck.


Thank you for the support. I’m scared but trying not to think about it too much. Getting things ready. I am so fortunate to have a very supportive boss that is even going to sit with my husband with the pastors until my surgery is over. I never realized how many people really like me until all this happened. I also realized how selfish some people really are too.

Well, went into surgery for the stent and coil. Only took 2 hours. Went in on Monday and released Wednesday. Having some headaches so far, but that’s it! Docs said i did great and it looks like the 5th one may be gone! So happy!

Great News!

Hang in tough the headaches do get better with time for most.



I am delighted for you...and, you have been blessed with quality neuro-expertise/treatment well as your own overall health status...

Sending you hugs and prayers,


Hi Tina -

I'm so happy for you!

What do you mean "the 5th one may be gone"? Disappeared? I hope that's what you mean - how amazing would that be!!!!

Doc says he's going to review the previous files and have me back in 3 months. He was looking and could not find it when he was fixing the 4th one! I think prayer healed it. Some who don't believe in God theorize that my life change by quitting smoking and eating better helped it "dissolve". Either way, most call me a miracle child.

I have 4 coiled annies and the only lasting effects I have are headaches and fatigue. But I continue with my life. And all this started on Sept. 8, 2010 and I'm driving and living life to the fullest! Just had brain surgery and will be back to work in 2 weeks! So there is hope for those out there. It may take a bit longer, but it can happen.

And I totally credit the docs at Ohio State Medical University with the quality care and expertise. Dr. Cerian Powers and his staff are absolutely amazing and I will never go to any one else. I would probably move if he moves his practice. That's how much faith I have in him to deal with these situations.

Prayers and well wishes to all!

Tina Hunter

tina that is great to hear,God is great and prayer is very powerful…

Wow Tina - that is AMAZING that the 5th one is gone. I believe that our bodies are capable of doing great things (with a little help from above, and positive thinking) - but to hear that an aneurysm seems to have healed itself, that's fantastic, and hopeful! Keep us posted -

Have a great day,



This is absolutely wonderful... you are blessed to the have the power of Dr. Powers...

Interesting to have one disappear...I know one another; daughter of friends... While I was in the hospital, she was in another for her emergency...while she wa exercising...her only addition... She was tested/diagnosed...and, it reclined/withdrew on its own... Absolutely amazig to hear another personal success story...

Tina, that is great news about the 5ths anne disappear. I am glad that you are doing so well in the revovery. How long did the doctors recommend that you take time off work for the coiling surgey and how long do you feel is a reasonable rest period? God bless you!!! :slight_smile: