Recovery post coil surgery

I am scheduled for coil surgery and am curious to know how long it took to fully recover. It's an unruptured 4mm annie...


Everyone is different ... so truthfully no one can answer this question... ~ Colleen

Someone must have some idea… My neurosurgeon says about a week. Has that been the experience of people who had coil surgery for an in ruptured Annie?

If you are neurosurgeon said about one week...then you must trust what he/she has to say about your recovery...

I have seen some take one week to recover and I have seen some that took 3 months or more and that was with unruptured aneurysm...I should have stated in my first response you should ask your Neurosurgeon and forgot...sorry...

I felt fine in a week but still have headaches which can be quite bad. Mine were done a month ago with coils and stents

Thanks, lily… Can you take anything for your headaches?
If you were to do it again, would you have monitored or coiled?

Hi there sunrise

I went back to work a week after my coiling procedure I also had a stent fitted mine was 7mm and the stent was called a Elvis stent I have my 12 months follow up angiogram on the 19th of June but the last 12 months have been good

Thanks jimmy

Wow!! That's wonderful news... I'm happy for you! Good luck on the 19th! I may be doing coil/stent as well... my fingers are crossed. :-)

How scary was the actual surgical procedure? I'd rather be asleep for the cerebral angio as well! I've never had one of those either!!!

Tylenol only. Had pain meds briefly but out of those/ My annies were large and had to be treated. Glad they were as you always worry about rupture.


e procedures not bad. You are asleep. No pain except headaches. I would not hesitate to do it again. Lying flat after is not fun.

I will be three weeks out this wedensday. I have a 7 mm aneurysm on the left carotid artery near the opthmalic. I had stent assited coiling done and I'm still not fully recovered


In what way? Are you still tired or having headaches/pain??

Hope you feel better soon..

Does anyone else wake up with headache?

Sunrise I am being coiled tomorrow morning at 7:30am June 18 three aneurysms. Two are in the 4mm/5mm range and one is 1.7/2mm so I will try to let you know how my coiling went :)

I just said a prayer!! you're probably in now!!!! It will all be behind you in a couple of hours!

Yes, please update me... and rest!


Morning headaches (daily) 6 weeks after coil/stent. Wake me up. Anyone else have this?

Im still having headaches that happen randomly but seem to happen every time I have pressure in my head. When I get up in the morning I used to just get out of bed, now I lay there for a minute then sit up for a minute! I am also seeing floaters and have pressure in my left eye sometimes. I didnt know what it was called the first couple times I had a wierd thing with my vision but I have since found out it is called a kaliedescope effect. It seems like I can have a day or two where I feel pretty good but then I get totally wiped out and feel awful. Everyone on here tells me to rest so it can heal. That seems to be the best advise! Good luck to you! I will keep you in my prayers!

I have headaches everyday! And had my surgery 7 months ago! I used to wake up around 4 am, 5 am, 6 am with a really bad 8/9 level headache about once a week. But now I take Tylenol before bed and again 4 hours later and it avoids going through the really bad one. But can have a bad one come on at other times. I sneezed couple days ago, and triggered 8/9. But mostly a level 2 or so is the norm. Seems to be getting better now, thank God! I've done chiropractor, acupuncture, massage and osteopath therapy to help. Bless you!

It gets tiring waking up with one every day but now Tylenol works.

Hello, I had an unruptured 5mm coiled last July. I was told a week too. But felt fatigued and headaches for a month. Also had trouble with lights and noise. Having daily headaches since Jan. I have tmj so I think most of my headaches are from that and migraines. I have had headaches all my life.

Everyone is different but you will be very tired so make sure you rest.

Hugs, Deanna