Coiling - how many days off work?

This forum has been very helpful to me so far and I am thankful for the wonderful folks here.

I wonder if I can get some inputs from you as to how many days off work for coiling with or without stent. The doctor said 10 days (including the day of the coiling) would be a good period to recover. Is that really enough? I know I tend to recover slow. Even for the Angio, I stayed at home for three days. For those of you who have gone through the coiling, what is your recovery story? how long did you take off from work and how did you feel when you first returned to work and life in general?

Hi...I donot work...I am housewife...and I think this is hard thing to answer...everyone is different...I had some complications...and ended up in ICU Neuro for over a week...I have no stent, but coils in 9mm basilar tip annie...and to be honest ... I had my coiling done November 30th...and didn't start feeling too normal (whatever this is...) until about January...oh another thing...depends on how bad your headaches are and how long you have to take meds for 2 weeks sounds great...but I think you will have to take things "one day at a time..."...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...! colleen

Colleen, thank you for your advise and warm support. How are you feeling now? You mentioned taking meds for headaches. Did that started before or after the coiling? The doctors told me that after the coiling, I prabably will need to take Aspirin and Blood-thinner (depending on whether stent is needed). Have a great weekend, and enjoy the spring! :)

Bond...I feel so bonded w/this group...

Welcome...and know you were/are blessed to be diagnosed appropriately time-wise...

My major question is how the need, and/or potential need, for a stent was explained to you?

Days off work vary for everyone ... from individual general health condition, the quality of treatment, to reactions to meds/treatment, the complexity of an individual's job, the commute distance...

You may want to talk w/your manager/HR re: returning part-time initially for a few days to help determine your status. The second part relates to your fatigue and your personal, a/w/a public safety, if you drive.

Again, it all varies so much per is difficult to rely on averages...particularly because we do not know who really, truly tracks averages w/validity.

Since your neuro addressed a potential stent, a patient labeling brochure may have been provided to you already.

Please ask your employer for their expectations, too, on time-off... because there is so little info/public awareness on brain aneurysms ...and, w/coiling we may look somewhat normal externally and no one can see the internal...

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I had coil and stent July 1, 2010. It is now
April and I still don't feel normal or like my old self. My doctor said "completely recovered in 2 weeks". My experience couldn't be further from that! The fatigue is better but I still don't have the stamina I had before. The headaches are getting better. Working with my neuro and now taking two meds a day to help prevent them and have a third to take when I get a super bad one. The weather is a huge factor for me. My thinking still isn't what it used to be, I guess I just have to accept a new normal. I am lucky that I work from home and can keep the shade down when my head is killing me and work in my jammies. I am a big fan of jammies!!

Hang in there, you can do it! It is not easy but it beats the alternative!


Hi Kimberly -

Is your coiling still scheduled for July 1? It must be hard to wait.

I had an unrupured aneurysm coiled and stented 6mos ago. Many people on this site have expressed that recovery time is longer than what their surgeons lead them to expect, but it could be that we are the only ones writing - maybe many people do bounce back very quickly and just don't hang out here!

I have kids - and I don't work outside the home, but have a very busy life w lots of expectations of my time and energy. I found it to be a gradual process ---- after 1 week my husband drove me to pick up my son from school, and I felt like a zombie! But it did feel good to get out. For me, 7-8 weeks was the true turning point, where I began to have more good days than frustrating (ie, fatigue, headache) days, but I was certainly out and doing things before then ---- but it was a real change around 7-8 weeks. BUT, I had a bad cold going in to the surgery, it took 3 1/2 hrs because he was trying to coil a second aneurysm as well (more anesthesia time - prob longer to feel "normal"), and I also needed 2 units of blood because I was anemic going in - not because of any major complication. So, others may have bounced back more quickly than I did I think you just have to see how you are - and maybe ease back into work if possible.

I HAD it done July 2010. I had headaches after but they were nothing like they were after I sotpped the 6 months of aspirin. I have literally had a bad headache since January 1, 2011. My neuro thinks the high dose of aspirin was enough to take the edge off so when I stopped taking it the just have been too much to take.

Thanks goodness for this site! Everything I have gone through is validated here. I have gotten way more information here than I every did from the doc who performed my procedure.

I think it is very individual. I had an aneurysm clipped 2 years ago. I was in the hospital 3 days, home for 3 weeks, back to work part time for 2 weeks then back full time. I do a lot of work on the computer which makes things easier. The fatigue was an issue for 6 months or so.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and being so helpful and suportive. What you share, what you say, and what you care about moves me.

Five months ago when I got the MRI result, I was working on a book and learning to play zither, enjoyed life with my son and husband, prefoundly happy and content...I used to say: so many things, so little time..

Now five months down the road, I went through MRA, CTA, angio, ER rooms and many dr. appointments. I slowed down things: stopped playing and practicing zither, stopped running as I worry that would cause the annie to burst, stopped pushing myself to work on the book, my husband has taken a lot of housework, I now take naps in weekend, but still feel exhausted.. Today I noticed that I can loosely fit in clothes that I could not fit in last summer. Sometimes, I weep inside, but when I read your stories, you inspire me. When I have moment of weakness like this, you guys make me stronger.

Good Evening Bond,

I had my procedure done (coiling without a stint) March 25th, 2011. I had some complications not with the coiling itself, but internal bleeding. I had lost 40% of my blood and had three blood transfusions. With that said it takes a little more time to get my energy levels back to acceptable levels. I am recovering at home still and not due to go back to the office until May 2, 2011. I think it is a very individual and personal process you will go through. Some people bounce back quickly and could essentially go back to work in a few weeks, while others it may take a little more time. My best advice is to keep in communication with your doctor and medical staff. I have a great primary doctor, neurosurgeon, and medical staff that have been there for me every step of the way. In addition to getting physically able to go back to work you may experience some emotional hardships. At least with me I seem to be up and down which doesn't make me feel too good. I am so grateful to be alive and yet I still break down for no reason at all - not sure why. I will keep you in my prayers and wish you the strength you'll need as you go through this. Good luck! Fabienne


Don't try to push the date. My wife tried going back to early and unfortunately she made a major mistake doing that. It cost her her career. Seventeen years later the fatigue is still an issue. You may want to discuss with your employer how they can help you return to work. If necessary try to enlist your State Vocational Rehabilitation Program. With these folks, it will help keep everyone honest and help ensure a successful return. Good luck.

Hi Bond -

As Thomas said, it's very individual. I encourage you to relate your recovery notions to others with unruptured aneursms - somebody who has been coiled POST RUPTURE will have a different road than you will. And try not to get too scared - there are lots of stories and experiences here, but remember, no matter what the story or experience, we are all HERE writing about them! I really think you will be fine, and are wise to consider that you may need a bit more time before you're back to 100%, but you have every reason to believe that you will indeed hit 100% again. I still struggle w migraines, but I had them before the aneursms too, and other than that I'd say that I'm feeling great.


All friends: I have been away for a while and it's great to get gack to the forum. My coiling was successful. I ended up taking a month off work, and has returned to full time job since. Other than feeling tired after a long week, I feel great overall. Four coils were put in assisted with balloon. The surgeon is able to avoid stent. I will need to do a 6-month angio follow up, if that can confirm that the aneurysm closes the residue (prayers...), then, i will only need the annual MRI. I am taking Aspirin on a daily basis, and no other medication is needed. It feels great to have the procedure behind and enjoy the summer.. Cheers, my fellow surviors!!!

It is so nice to hear your procedure went well and you are on the road to normalcy. I had my coiling done March 25th and had a little over two months off of work. Currently I am on three hour days working my way up to 8 hours a day. You are an inspiration to many of us. :slight_smile:

Fabienne: Great to hear from you!! Take your time to revover and know that you are doing great. Do you take Aspirin / other blood thinners? I noticed that routine work out is very helpful in the recovery, but sometimes I get tired and just want to go to sleep. :slight_smile:

I do take an aspirin a day and migraine meds when needed. Other than that I am good to go in terms of meds. I am recovering a little slower than the norm but attribute some of it to the blood transfusions I had after my surgery. I am starting to run again - slowly but getting back on the path of healthy living. I am training for an 8k race in October. I do get tired every day at different times during the day. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern. I am in grad school as well so I am really pushing myself. I am so happy to be alive though. :slight_smile: Have a wonderful evening! :slight_smile:

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Glad you are doing so good....super...!

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i had my 5mm anny rupture oct13 09, was n the hospital for 2 wks n after coming home stayed in the recovery stage for 6 2 mo all together..but its different for us will be 2 yrs anny free this october and i am back to 100% ....excercising such as a daily walk can work wonders in progressing the process..gets the blood going and just feels good...will keep u in my prayers for a quick recovery and wonderful life..

Hello Bond, my first coiling with one stent i was out for 2 weeks, had 4 coiling surgeries on the same annie, they did it that was so as not to over coil, ended up with 2 stents and 51 coils in all, latter surgeries I was back at work in a week ! but we are all different , listen to what your brain and body tells you ! many huggsss and prayers to you!!!

Good to hear you are doing well!