Post coiling recovery

What was the recovery process like for anyone who has had the coiling and stenting? mine will be through the femoral because of the location on the carotid artery. I am unsure of what to expect, how long it will take to feel better etc. I will be graduating from nursing school in the spring and I think my knowledge of all possible "worst case" scenarios in medicine are making me more nervous than I need to be. My teacher told me tonight to try to put off the surgery as long as possible until I take my boards.. because recovery will probably be difficult.

Also, my nervousness probably comes from watching the ordeal my father went through when he had his cerebral hemorrhage. I know my aneurysm is unruptured but I saw his exhaustion and overall fogginess for weeks to months after... and it wasn't related to any meds, he was just on a cholesterol controller.

Basically... if anyone can explain.. What the heck am I in for?

Everyone is Different...for example, I wasn't your norm...of coiling and spent 7 days in ICU and another 1 1/2 days in step down...I think you need to ask your Doctor and also realize that your health is important then anything...You will have my Thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

Jim-The boards are given only a couple times a year from what I understand. My instructor says it is better to take them as soon as you graduate and they allow you- you mail in your forms when you graduate to the national license board, and they mail you back a specific date and you can either take that date, or decline and then you are moved to the bottom of the list ( so the other nurses tell me ) ...I have been reading various posts on here, and was unaware that coiling isn't a permanent procedure. I thought I would have to do it once, and an angiogram and be done and put it behind me... I am now realizing I have had my head in the sand! I am reading about coiling vs. clipping etc and my head is spinning

Colleen- thank you for your support, I have many questions to ask.

Hi Elise, I had coiling (no stint) almost 3 wks ago for a 4.5annie that bled / was discoverd March 2. While everyone is different, I was in SICU 4 nights and kept another 3 nights in regular room…the longer stay to watch for vasospasm since mine had bled before its discovery ( was in hospital 3 nights also before surgery while surgeons looked at my case and determined best option). From what I understand, a coiling for non ruptured annie is typically a shorter stay, so I would suspect quicker turnaround for you. Being tired and short of breath are most of my after-effects but i think largely attributed to being in the hospital bed and immobile so long. I have some neck numbness, but that is also likely from my bleed. I also occasionally see what is like a migraine aura and a shooting star here and there, but these also happened after my bleed but before the coiling, so I am convinced that this too is from the annie and bleed itself. Mine was done through the groin and up to the annie which is behind my right eye. It is truly amazing what they can do. Immediately after I didn’t really feel like much anything had been done…aside from needing to stay still for the artery to heal and the occasional bruised feeling of the entry point. But I didnt need any pain meds after for the entirety of my hospital stay. Every case is different of course and everyone has different experiences, but hope this helps. Good luck!


What to expect does relate to size, location, shape of an aneurysm to be treated. What to expect also relates to the experience level of the neuros.

Have you been told of the need for a stent; i.e. wide-neck aneurysm?

Because you note carotid artery, I do suggest you go to the Pipeline Group to ask them many questions on PED to include in questions to your neuros if (s)he has not already addressed it.

Many of us have same or very diff reactions during and after treatment; regardless of the time / place kept in the hospital...or whether ruptured or unruptured pre-admit / treatment.

The size (and symptoms) of yours (c)would have led your neuros to recommend when it should be done. Seems that opinion is the most critical for your health/safety decisions.

From a personal side, if it were me, and symptoms were not overwheling, nor did the neuros recommend time quicly, I would do the boards before treatment...all back to your neuro recommendation.

Prayers for your comfort w/your decision and that you have an advocate w/you during your discussions w/your neuros. Please take a list of questions with space to write the answers...

For questions, ask not only of the exact location of the aneurysm, but include the access route arteries that can/may be affected by guidewires, coil and stent delivery, etc. and, which cranial nerves may be affected in this access route area a/w/a the location of the aneurysm.

Have a great weekend.


thank you cindy!

thank you wanda!

thank you colleen

Thank you pat. I don't have any symptoms, just my father had his SAH, and a family history of strokes. It is 4mm on the ICA. He wants to do the femoral route. At first the dr. had said we would do a angiogram to explore the shape of it, since we have done multiple mri-tesla's to visualize it.

I will make a list of questions.

Thank you again!

I second looking into the PED option, just FYI. I had the PED and had to have coils behind it as well. Something I'd forgotten about until it happened (they didn't remind me at the hospital) was that with the coils they used gamma rays and therefore I have a large bald spot now. Luckily my aneurysm was in the back of my head and the hair loss is unnoticeable because it's underneath most of the rest of my hair. It took place about 2 weeks maybe after the procedure. As for recovery, I'm finding a lot of people it's easy, but there are plenty of us it's slow and comes with a lot of headaches to deal with (plus fogginess, slowness). I was in ICU for 5 days, whereas others were only overnight, in regards to the PED portion of the procedure. No idea what's normal for coiling, but supposedly it's also a quick recovery. Just know that there's no way to know - it'll just depend on YOU. Good luck with your treatment!

I hope you are right Lynne! thank you for your support!

Gamma rays?!!!.. oh dear. Is that what they do with the coiling? I think I really have a lack of information here given to me by my dr. We only met briefly and are going to meet in may to discuss the specifics.. I think he didn't want to overload me on the initial visit. My dad's hair grew back in curly where his "brain drain" was located. perhaps from radiation? geez, so many questions. I have been slacking as I have been busy with school and I need to compile a list. Thanks for your help Sarah!

Jo- I am scheduled for a trip in the end of July as well. Come hell or high water I am determined to go!

This thread is making me feel better for sure!

Hi I had a coiling thru my femorallast week and still wondering the post from it, It went great just a little sore tired and dang nausea oh yea my balance also. My head feels like its full...kinda like when a baby learns to hold their head up if that makes sense lol. Not in pain and I went in on Wednesday morning early and was released on Thursday, the dang anesthesia gets me, makes me sick. He put in a stent also. I also had 3 clippings in 2009 by a craino and a shunt placed 3 months after. I still have questions and wonder is my brain swollen now from this and is this why my head feels this way? I have no one to ask about I am so glad I found this site

Prayers for your decision Make sure you discuss with your dr your concerns also he'll lead you right

You are welcome for the info - I did a ton of research before I got treated. The gamma rays were only something I learned about in some paper info before an angio - info I found out was only for coiling, not general angios. I remembered that info after getting the coils behind the PED when my hair started falling out. I guess it’s just a possibility, not an inevitablity, but I don’t know any more than what those papers said.

Maybe you were just lucky then! :slight_smile: Gamma rays are just used for coiling, not in general angios.

My experience was different from most posted here because I had a stroke while in post-op/recovery. I was in ICU 6 days, then 4 days in the neuro unit. I’ve just returned to work after being on disability for three months. I am struggling a bit w/memory, headaches, and dizziness. I will have an angiogram in June. I had coiling done on a 12mm annie.

My doctor hasn't said a thing about any of this yet. I have an appointment to speak with him and have another MRI in a couple of weeks. I have so many questions. I am finishing nursing school and haven't had time to do too much research... Maybe it is half my denial and burying my head in the sand as well.

Elise, There is a recovery time during which you will have fogginess. My coiling was in Jan 2012 and I still have some days that are foggy and still have some fatigue. Everybody is different, and your young so you might rebound better than a 56 year old. Do be prepared to give yourself some time to recover. Good Luck!

Hi Elise, I am fairly new to this whole thing and i have learned 'on the job!'. The only bit of advice I feel I can offer is to make sure you have a good network of family and friends around to help you with anything and everything. There are days when making the tea for my kids just feels like one task too many so having regular help from my mum makes 'those' days a little easier. Good luck to you x