Coiling on October 23rd

So I finally have a date ...... Am getting my annie coiled on this date... part of me is nervous as is normal I am sure but the other part of me is happy to have it done so that I can move on... My thoughts are with you all..... Here is to a speedy recovery for us all xx

alright Anna!!!! so happy for you! and good to hear you are looking forward to recovery.keep the positive thoughts My thoughts and prayers are with you & yours!! Love the way you discribed part of you is happy-good for you to realize that!

Hi Anna

I’m so glad you have got your date …the waiting was the worst part me as you know …but the 23rd oct will come soon enough for you try not to worry because I’m sur you will be fine …I took my last blood thinner yesterday (palvix ) and now I only need to take a aspirin a day it’s 3 months since my procedure and I feel fine and am sure you will be the same

God Bless jimmy

Thanks Ron - appreciate that!!! All will go well and will be better than ever after it x

Hi Jo, thanks so much - all will go well and am looking forward to starting a new chapter x

Hi Jimmy, that is great news am so delighted for you! Am keeping positive and looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life! x

Awesome! Glad your surgery has been scheduled. Positive thoughts and and I will be praying for you on Oct 23 for a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted on your recovery. (((((hugs))))))))

Aw thanks Ron for all your support! Bit nervous but am sure that all will be fine x

Aw thanks so much Jo - all prayers are so greatly appreciated x

Felt the same way. For me getting it done was the way to get on with my life after the scary news. Thank god this is treatable now. I can’t even imagine not having the treatment options. Thx for sharing your date. Will be thinking of you

Thanks so much Patricia - am in really good hands and know that all will be fine! Will keep you all posted x

Thanks Mary Ann - really it is fantastic what they can do nowadays!!! x