Leslie: surgery 6/21: clipping open surgery

Well, this is my 2nd week home and for some reason I felt worse this week than last week. A terrible tired feeling, I also lost 12 lbs. and now weigh a whopping 111. (didn't need that)

Hi Leslie...I found this to be the case too...felt worse before better...I think the first week out of surgery the anesthesia and pain meds keep us from feeling bad...please if anything feels out of the ordinary, seek medical attention...in the meantime rest...and take care of YOU...~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Hi Leslie,

I think Colleen is right, the 1st week of recovery tends to be like your body is in this "OMG" what just happened to me " stage where you're just trying to cope and figure out whats expected next, the 2nd week or so the body says "Oh yeah I get it--it kind of sucks" ( adjustment period ), but week three will no doubt be a bit brighter as your body says.."lets heal! lets go!" mode. Don't over-due it, let others help out, be spoiled. You'll get back to 'you' in no time !

Take care, Janet

Hi Leslie, hope you feel better soon. You will find that your body and mind will go through many different phases. It's part of the healing process and like you I had drastic weight loss. As Colleen said you probably still have different medications still in your system. Here you will find most of us have experienced the same or similar situations. Prayers sent your way. (<: Jeanne

You will have good days and bad days. You may even get to the point where you feel great for a while and then bad for a few days. This is fairly normal. I lost over 25 LBs when I had my rupture but was glad to be rid of it. It’s still off after 3 years. For some of us it’s a good thing. But just like anything, if things get worse, go get checked out again.

I will be praying for you!


Big hugs. I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. I got home on day 5 after surgery and felt pretty good until about day 10 or 12- then I felt like I was hit like a bus. My surgeon said this is pretty normal. About your weight loss- I ate everything I could get my hands on and still lost weight, too. After about a month I started to gain that weight back.

Will be praying that you get the rest you need. It takes a while to heal- longer than I thought it would.

Try to be patient and rest when you feel like you need to.


hi Leslie! yes just wanted to add my two cents and say I concur with the others,oh yes I lost 30 lbs during my 9 week stay but I was dumb and put it all back on- I ate double portions thinking it would help me heal- instead of eating healthy. I did loose a few recently but I think that was holiday flab!--lol- I wish their was a safe med to end this exhaustion. be careful we are vulnerable for accidents and falls especially during the "off" periods when we are exhausted or even just tired or sleepy, take care we must be our own advocates for all aspects of life~

Thanks so much Colleen! It's hard for me to rest, so unlike me!! lol

Thanks, janet! It is now 3 weeks today since my surgery and today I was just so tired! I am no longer fighting it, but resting! Next week I plan to go to our community pool and relax and socialize a little!

Thanks again for your wisdom! leslie

Thanks so much Jeanne. It really helps me to now that what I am going through is normal!

Leslie, Always check in with us when you have concerns or questions. You would be surprised to know that what you may think is strange is so normal for aneurysm recovery. So many of my questions were answered and only in here by our friends.

In October it will be 2 years for me and I still have questions or something new pops up and I wonder if its "normal." More often than not, it is here will you find your answers. To my knowledge there have been no post-op follow up longterm studies done on us for what we actually experience or conditions we developed that we did NOT have before the ani repair. I only was told 'generic' post-op possibilites, like physical therapy, stroke etc. If there are studies out there in layman's reading I would love to see some.
Best wishes and feel better with time. Jeanne