Not long now

Clipping is Wednesday and feeling very nervous and scared. It seems like not long ago I was posting on here how to pass time while waiting 6 weeks for surgery and now here I am just a couple days away.

Spending the day gardening with my little ones today and spending the day with my family tomorrow. Should help! I just sit here and wonder where the courage will come from to get this time. Mind over matter, I suppose. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for this to be over!

Hi Kim, i am writing this from my hospital room. They clipped my annie May 16 and it was nowhere near as bad as I had imagined. I do not remember being wheeled into surgery nor do I remember post op recovery. My first memory is waking up in ICU; not because of a headache but because my back muscles were in full spasm. They quickly reacted by giving me pain meds and for the most part my head pain has been no worse than before the surgery. One of the 2 suggestions I have for you is 1. Bring a shower cap and 2. A scarf or loose hat to cover your head. My scar began to itch several days after the surgery. By covering it, I am not able to infect or aggravate my scar by scratching it at night. The also brought some flat bedroom shoes, which have been helpful during PT and my daily walks. I am sure you have fully researched your neurosurgeon and the hospital staff; as they do play a critical part of your recovery. My goal is to come out of this better than I went in physically and mentally. Bood luck with your procedure and God speed!

Kim my prayers are with you! God didn't bring you this far to leave you now. You think good and postitive thoughts about your procedure. And when they put you to sleep remember your wonderful family and a happy time you shared with them. Take deep breathes and relax. You are going to be fine. I can't wait to read your next post. (post-surgery)

Be strong and encourage! God is with you and so are we in spirit(you are never alone)!!!!!

Be Blessed and Lots of Hugs are coming your way!!!!


You will be fine...I will say a prayer for you. It's easier then you think. You will feel like a brand new person after surgery, you will see. Some scary moments in recovery, just remember to breathe, mind over matter. Hugs Sheree


My prayers are with you for a successful surgery and a full and speedy recovery.

Adding on to Mary’s suggestion, ballet slipper type bedroom slippers are an excellent choice. You won’t have to worry about them sliding off your feet during your walk…



Thanks for your update. It’s a testimony to your good outcome that you are writing to us from the hospital.

Prayers are offered for your complete and speedy recovery.


Hi Kim,

Like you, I am surrounded by familia aneurysms. My older sister had an annie clipped and has one on watch and wait. I had two PEDs inserted and have one annie on watch and wait. My paternal grandmother and her brother died many years ago, before all this wonderful technology that we have now.

The blessing is that you found it before rupture, you've won half the battle! Be strong and remember to rest, rest rest afterward!! The read Letter from your brain here:

Prayers and thoughts with you for a successful surgery on Wednesday. Everyone at BAF will be pulling for you!

Best wishes,


Hi Kim, I will keep you in my prayers for tomorrow, I pray all will go well for you and your recovery will be speedy, I have been coiled twice once after SAH and one for a second Anni found at the time, I too was very scared going into the 2nd operation (don't remember much about the first) and we would not be human if we didn't get a little anxious at times like that, again I will pray for you and your family, have a good day, Jill xxxxx

As a Survivor of a BA/AVM that happened in 1977, I want to encourage you to be as positive about the procedure.

Waiting is probably the most difficult part. Being Nervious and scared is natural. I think everyone goes through that. Best to you.

I want to thank everyone for the kind words. It has given me strength and is helping me to get through these two days. The next time I update, it will be post surgery after I kick this thing in the butt. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Brava!! Well said! Best wishes!

Well said, you can do it!!!

I’ll be praying for you. Let us know how you’re doing as you’re able to. Peace, and comfort coming your way.

You are probably getting ready to go if not already there, just wanted to let you know prayers are coming your way. May you have peace that passes understanding...let us know when you are feeling better.

Kim...prayers for you today for your results and recovery.


Prayers coming your way!!!

kelly B

good luck Kim-hang in there you weathered most of the storm-think positive thoughts- soon you will be sailing in the wonderful sea of healing,God Bless you & yours

So touched by you all. Thanks so much!

Good news…surgery was a success and I am about 24 hours post surgery and feeling better than I ever thought I would. The aneurysm ended up being bigger than originally thought which makes me even happier that I decided to have it fixed!

I currently have no tubes…not even an IV. Pain meds are keeping my headache at bay and I am steady on my feet and have been given the go ahead to walk around on my own. The relief I feel is wonderful! Think a shower is in my future tomorrow which should make me feel like a new person. :slight_smile:

Anyway, wanted to give a quick update. Thank you so much for your support!

Hi Kim,

This is such great news. Thanks be to God and prayers for a complete and quick recovery.


Gotcha in my Thoughts and prayers Kim ~

And so happy you are doing so well...wonderful news...~