It's two days short of two weeks since my clipping surgery.

I am a bit tired but the biggest problem I am having is my right eye.

The last two days I have woken up with the right side of my face being more swollen instead of less.

I do not have the same vision out of my right eye that I had before my surgery. I am a bit worried about this. I asked the doctor how long this lasts and he could not really say. Only that everyone is different and that the swelling should go down in another week or two.

The holidays are coming and I have never in my entire life felt so ugly. I want my old face back. The hair will grow and as much as I miss my hair I miss my face more.

Has anyone else had these problems?

If so please explain.

All my thoughts and prayers


Kim I am so sorry this is happening!! It makes me extremely nervous being that I will be having surgery in 2 weeks!!! I hope I am making the right decision!! I know you have told me before but where was yours at??? I wonder what is making you swell more?? Did they give you anything to take??? Are u having trouble seeing, blind spots or is it blurry??? Please let me know!! Big hug!!!

Morning Jennifer,
My opinion is your making the right decision!
Mine was almost 7mm and right behind my right eye. I have blurry vision right now but they say it’s because I am still so swollen or puffy as my kids say…LOL…I can’t tell you not to be nervous because it’s just a fact of life. I was very nervous the day of surgery. I don’t remember much of anything except how I felt just before. I don’t remember waking up the first time after. I know in my heart that this was the best decision and in time everything will go back to normal. (I hope!).
With so many people who will be thinking about you and praying for you remember your not alone. As alone as one can feel during this the one thing I have learned is that I am not alone. We all here have or are going to end up in the same chair so we understand eachother.
Your in my prayers and thoughts. Please remember it is the best decision in the long term. Have Faith in yourself.
So many hugs I send to you threw this computer.

Hi, just wanted to check in on you and see how you are feeling!! Is the swelling going down?? How is your eye??? How are you doing fatigue wise?? Just let me know, I have been thinking about you!!

Yes Kimberley, i too had swelling in my right eye. I had clipping done on the right side of my head. My vision is OK. The swelling has gone away after couple of weeks. It does return especially when I am too tired or sleep for too long on my right side. As long as your vision remains OK, I think your swelling will subside. My aneurysm clip is resting against my optic nerve as the medical report says. But my vision is fine. My problem is occasional headaches and tightening of head muscles. They scare the hell out of me. Hang in there.

I remember swelling. I also remember, down the road, not in the immediate post op that I woke up with one side of my face swollen on several occasions. Over time this issue did resolve. Fatigue varies with individuals. Some are back to work in two months and I spent most of the first three months post op in my bed. I should tell you that I have other issues besides my aneurysms. Perhaps it was a combination not just my aneurysms. Please, please, please try to relax a little. I know it is easier said than done. Try thinking of a place you that you love and imagine yourself there. I take myself back to Italy. I see the water so clear that I look down and can see my feet. I picture the beautiful mountains. Just try and see if it helps. You have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t help than at least you gave it a shot. I can feel your anxiety because I was anxious too. Honestly I was prepared to die. I really believed with all my heart that I was leaving this world because things never work out for me medically. But here it is Jennifer, three years later and I am writing to you on the BAF website. Since my craniotomy, I saw my daughter get married, my youngest son graduate college and now my oldest son planning a wedding for May, 2012. This is going to be okay. Three months from now you will be writing back to me and telling me how wonderful you feel and how happy you are that it is over.
Take care.

Thank you Donna!! I Am so thankful for this website to be able to meet people like you and Kim!! I know I am going to be ok but my mind gets carried away with the what ifs!! I know when I leave my daughter that morning to go into surgery I am going to lose it!! She us only 4 and ever since I had her it has been my biggest fear to leave her!!! I love her more than anything in the world!!! I am doing this surgery for her… I could watch it but at some point with me being only 33 I am going to have to take care of it!! She has been through enough the past 6 months seeing me a wreck…I have tried to hide it but it is hard… I cry everytime I look at her!! I worry about recovery and hope I don’t lose any vision because I think that would bother me very bad!! I know it can always be worse but it still isn’t easy!! They say God only gives you what you can handle and I feel my family has had way more than their share!!! I know in my heart I have so much left to do here!! I am making it a priority to start a big fund raising event fir this horrible disease!!! I want to help others just as you are helping me!!! I can’t say thank you enough!!! You and Kim and so many others have been so kind!!!

we can’t tell you not to be scared because we all were and some still are. It’s a fact and an emotion that goes along with this. We can tell you though that a positive attitude goes a long way. My doctor told me that the easist part is the surgery because he is the surgeon and knows his job. The hard part comes after, recovery. The vision problem I have my doctor believes is only short term and will return to normal. When you come home just remember that rest is important. You don’t have to sleep just sitting down and relaxing means alot. I wake up every day and do a little more for each day. I don’t sleep during the day but I do just sit and relax when my body says I need too. Everyone is different and time is what this recovery takes. Keep a positive attitude and everything will be fine. Please believe in yourself and your doctors. You are in a lot of peoples thoughts and prayers and that alone is a wonderful feeling. You will be ok believe that!

It’s been almost 3 weeks and I still have swelling. I don’t know how long it takes before it goes away.
My right eye droops down, it’s the only thing that I have left that shows I even had surgery. My scar looks wonderful and my hair is growing back fast. I believe it’s too late to continue putting ice packs on my face for the swelling and from what I have been told is it just takes time. I would have thought by now the swelling would have gone away. I have a positive attitude and believe that it will all go back to normal in the coming months. How long this takes is anyones guess. I am happy that your vision is ok and that you seem to be doing wonderful. Thanks for your support!